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Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

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Business Name: J.R. Steele Auto Sales Inc
Corporate Address:
3950 Southeastern Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 317-353-1940
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Jerry F Steele - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 5.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Sold me two cars that don't run

I bought a suburban, being told that it had a rebuilt motor and a rebuilt transmission. I drove it for maybe two weeks, and the oil pressure went to zero.

I take it to a mechanic, that they told me to take it to, which I knew that mechanic, and there was not a motor or transmission rebuilt. they could not fix the car.

The result of him bringing it there, it was wrecked.

They change the door but did not paint it. Got it back still in the same shape.

I sent it to another mechanic. They couldn’t fix anything same as I got it back.

I had it for 11 months and now the 11 months I had it, maybe one month in my possession.

Telling me it needed a new motor, so we traded it for a jeep.

I had the jeep for maybe two months and now the whole clutch system is out, and I have to pay $1000 to get it fixed. And he will not help me.

I traded the car in; it’s just been one lie after another lie

Most Recent Reviews

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Steele Auto Sales Inc Alternate Info - 5061 Southeastern Ave Indianapolis Indiana 46203 | 317-353-1377


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