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Last Updated On: August 21, 2016

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Business Name: Byrider Franchising LLC
Corporate Address:
12802 Hamilton Crossing Blvd
Carmel, Indiana 46032 USA

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Phone Number: 317-249-3000
Corp Email: info@jdbyrider.com
Company Contact: Steven E Wedding - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

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Fraud. Manager said, "Tough", Basically.

After my car died, I went to J.D. Byrider to get a car. I expressed the need for a 4WD because my apartment is set on the top of a large gravel driveway. The salesperson Maria said there was only one SUV with 4WD, so it was brought down for a test drive. The car (Hyundai)was in very good shape. But it had over 100 thousand miles on it.

She said again, it was the only 4WD and they had a three year warranty, so I took the vehicle.

Fast forward to last week (1/22/15). It had snowed a little and then rained. The ground turned icy as the temps dropped. I attempted to get up the driveway. Several attempts. I must be doing something wrong?

Maybe I am not engaging the 4WD properly. Nothing in the manual.

Soon dry ground and then Saturday, a little snow. I tried to get up a small upgrade. No dice. I then called J.D.’s and they said they’d call Monday.

Monday came and I told them I’d bring it after work to get help.

Once there, the mechanic looked inside the car, and soon underneath. Guess what no 4WD.

Bottom line. Manager and then Regional Manager said, “Tough.”, Basically.

I am not going down without a fight. Driving is difficult with an anxiety disorder and I have to drive to work and back. Just this morning, my heart was in my throat many times as I drove to work. I am not defeated.

J. D. Byrider – 4916 William Penn Highway Monroeville 15146 | 724-733-1400


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This JD Byriders company and CNAC is a rip off. I got my car from them August 2016. Went there and see if I get approved. So filled up an application and Dan the car seller told me his waiting for approval and he stepped out at the room for a minute and the messenger pops up on his computer says “she’s approved for $13000. Dan didn’t know I saw the message. When he got back he said ok ur approved but didn’t tell me how much he just let me choose a car. Since I know what’s my approved… Read more »

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