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Last Updated On: November 29, 2017

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Business Name: Fairway Chevrolet
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3100 E Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 USA

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Phone Number: 702-641-1400
Corp Email: whitney@fairwaychevy.com
Company Contact: Gregory Heinrich - President
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $650,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $650,000.00

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Is Fairway Chevrolet Truck Mega Store a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation of Sale

I went to Fairway Chevrolet with the trailer info that I had just purchased that day 5/8/2017 to be sure I would be provided the correct truck needed to safely tow this large heavy trailer. After providing this info to the sales staff they research it and then they sold me this $60K 1/2 ton PU a 1500 Silverado without a trailer brake controller that by law was required to tow this trailer, telling me it was not required with this truck.

To make a very long story short it was completely the wrong truck to tow this trailer with and was negligent if anyone would. I requested a return and upgrade to the correct size and type of truck that this trailer required but they would not exchange it even after admitting to there mistake.


A single female a disabled senior on 5/8/2017 purchased a travel trailer to live in, that she needed a truck that could safely tow this large 31.9 foot travel trailer. So she went to Fairway Chevrolet to purchase a truck for the sole purpose to tow this trailer with. She provided the trailer information to the salesman and sales staff so they could determine the right size and type of truck she would need to safely and legally tow this trailer.

The salesman said he did the research on this to determine the correct truck for this towing. Then proceeded to sell her a 2017 Silverado a new $60K 1500 1/2 ton truck representing to her that this truck is more than adequate to tow this trailer.

Base on the salesman recommendation she purchased this truck. She also had asked about the braking system for the trailer brakes and was told by the salesman that it would not be required with this truck, that this truck can safely handle this trailer without the need for trailer brakes. As well did not provide her with the electronic Trailer brake control unit to operate the trailer brakes.

She used this truck to pickup the travel trailer that she just purchased earlier that day and towed it home about maybe 5 miles away in town.

Then a week or so later she hired a driver to tow her trailer with her new truck to Reno NV. from Las Vegas NV. where she lives and bought this truck and trailer.

When the hired driver saw the truck and the trailer he was hired to drive it to Reno 450 miles away. He told her that this truck is too small to tow this trailer but had to get back to Reno so he hitched up the trailer and off they went.

During this drive they noticed that this truck did not have the power to make over hills and had hard time in doing so as well as it could not stop this rig properly without taking twice the distance it would normally to stop not having any trailer brakes.

They made it to Reno without incident, however did have significant difficulties in towing this trailer with this truck and had lost control of this rig causing minor damage to the bumper of the truck. The loss of control issues was due to inadequate unsafe towing capacity of this truck to tow this trailer.

She then contacted me a retired 50 year friend who was a GM service technician for many years and had been towing trailers , boats, cars all my life. She asked me to check into this truck and trailer to determine if this truck was the right truck for towing this trailer.

I determine the following:

As per the VIN and the information on the window sticker as well shown in the Owners Manual on page 320 indicates that this truck is a 1500 series 2 WD Double Cab Standard Box with a 5.3L V8 3.08 Axle Ratio. A maximum Trailer Weight Towing Capacity of 6400 LB. with a GCVR of 12000 lb. with any trailer at or more than 2000 lbs is required to have trailer brakes. This trailer a 31.9 foot large Keystone Outback travel trailer with a empty weight of 6515 lbs. and a loaded weight approximately 8500 lbs.

This truck safe maximum towing capacity is 6400 lbs with working trailer brakes, and only 2000 lbs with a trailer without brakes, therefore this truck cannot safely tow this trailer and would be very unsafe, illegal and negligent if one would as well without trailer brakes. Towing this trailer with this truck may be catastrophic to life and property at high risk of such.

This truck towing rating for safe towing is a maximum of only 6400 lbs far below the required safe towing capacity to tow her trailer at 8500 lb plus.

She then contacted the GM Fairway Chevrolet dealership to return this truck in exchange for the correct truck that would be required to do so. They denied any wrongdoing here but did agree they made a mistake and agreed to exchange the truck for the correct one needed. They asked her to bring the truck to them to make the exchange which she did from Reno to LV had her sign a new contact with a $10,000 increase in cost for the correct truck then when she was about to drive off with the correct truck a 2500 HD they stopped her and told her no deal to take her 1500 truck back and leave.

She has contacted Chase the finance company and reported this fraud misrepresentation issue to them.

End of brief.

Part of this case is similar to as a Nationwide class action with Quintero vs GM class action. She needs representation with this fraud.

To whom it may concern:

On 6/30/17 I received a call when she was sitting in front of a salesman at Fairway Chevrolet to report to them about the truck they had sold her was fraudulently and negligently misrepresented and was not safe to tow her travel trailer with.

I was on the phone listening to this conversation with the salesman telling her that it was the correct truck to safely tow her trailer.

She then handed her phone to the salesman so I could speak with him about this.
I explained to him that I had researched this truck and trailer with the VIN numbers and owner’s manuals that this truck only had a max towing capacity of 6400 lbs. that her trailer empty was 6515 lbs and loaded about 8500 lbs. That this truck was rated below the safe towing capacity to tow this trailer.

I also explained that in GM’s own towing guide says that any trailer of any type that is 2000 lbs or more would need trailer brakes. See link.

TRAILER BRAKES. These are required above a 2,000-lb. trailer weight on Silverado, Tahoe and Suburban, and above a 1,000-lb. trailer weight on all other models. (Brake requirements vary by State, consult State laws for actual requirements.)

The salesman that sold her this 1500 told her that this truck would not need to have a trailer with any brakes and did not provide her with the brake control unit that was required to tow this trailer to provide trailer brakes.

I also believe it is a law that any trailer 2000 lbs or more is required by law to have trailer brakes on all axles of that trailer in good working condition.

This salesman got very frustrated with me after I told him that the dealership would have to make this right and provide her with the correct truck to safely tow her trailer or we would be speaking to our attorney about this. He then gave the phone back to her and said he could not help her that she would have to speak to the manager since we are going to contact an attorney. We hung up.

She after a few minutes called me back when she was with the manager and once again gave her phone to the manager so I may speak with him. Being informed of the issue by the salesman he got a owners manual from a 1500 to confirm what I had determined about the inadequate towing capacity of this 1500.

He tells me he is reading from the manual on page 320 of which I had the same page. He says to me look this trucks towing capacity is 11000 lbs.

I said to him he was looking at the wrong truck on that page and explained to him to read the correct line with the correct truck with the 3.08 Rear Axle ratio which is the rear axle this truck has that indicates the max. towing capacity is only 6400 lbs. he then said he agreed with this that he had made a mistake not knowing which rear axle ratio this truck had.

To mitigate this fraudulent negligent misrepresentation sale of the 1500 he agreed to exchange at the same price the used 2 month old 1500 for the correct truck needed to safely tow her trailer a 2500 HD and make right, this wrong.

He then gave the phone back to Karin and proceeded to get her the correct truck.

Then a hour or 2 later that day she calls again when she is sitting in front of the finance guy signing a new contract for the correct 2500 HD truck that would be required to tow her trailer with a towing capacity of 12000 lbs? Which would be adequate to handle and tow her trailer with the trailer brake controller and extending trailer mirrors with the max towing package which would be required to tow her trailer.

He tells me that the new contract for this 2500 HD is a mirrored contract of the 1500 truck at the same price. I said fine and he gave the phone back to her and she proceeded to sign the contract. We hung up.

At some point after signing this new contract for this 2500 HD and getting this signed contract from the dealer, which they did not provide her until she had her attorney contact them to get this signed contract which they did NOT provide her after signing it. Was not at the same price as was indicated to me and in fact was $10.000 more in price. Once again this dealership misrepresented this deal and contract to her and now I.

On July 4, I received a call from Karin. She and her friend Jason was at Fairway Chevrolet to return her 1500 truck from Reno and make the exchange as agreed for the 2500 HD.
She was upset because Fairway’s used car sales manager Don Heckathorn had stopped her as she was leaving with the exchanged 2500 HD truck and told her that they cannot make this exchange as agreed. To get her stuff out of the 2500 HD truck and return it to the 1500 and take her 1500 truck and to leave. Jason and her left leaving the 1500 truck at Fairway Chevrolet.

He told her that due to the minor damage on the rear bumper and mileage on this now used 1500 truck that was 2 months old could not be resold as a new vehicle therefore they cancelled the exchange deal. That was to mitigate the fraudulent negligent misrepresentation of the 1500 sale as a safe vehicle to tow her trailer with, to make right this wrong.

Without any contingencies or condition on the mileage or of any kind with this 2 month old used 1500 truck, but only to mitigate her damages to make right. Irregardless of the condition or mileage of the 1500 truck.

I told her to tell them that she would have the damage repaired as she did, which was just minor damage on the rear bumper from the her trailer when they lost control of it when it was towed to Reno from Las Vegas.

This lost of control of the this rig was due to the fact of this 1500 truck is not rated high enough to tow this large heavy trailer and especially without any trailer brakes. It is for these reasons she lost control of this rig when towing this trailer which caused this minor damage to the rear bumper. However he still would not continue with this exchange.


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