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Last Updated On: January 12, 2018

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Reported Losses: $10,300.00
Average Reported Losses: $5,150.00

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Fairfield Motors - They Will Lie To You, Cheat You, And Call You Names!!!

My 59 year old brother Paul’s car was recently totaled when he was rear-ended by another motorist. After receiving the insurance payment, it was imperative that a replacement car be located for work, doctor’s appointments, etc. Paul found on-line a 1999 VW Beetle at Fairfield Motors (FM). I took him to look at the car on Wednesday, 06/05/13. We made an agreement that day with the sales rep, Tarek, that we would pay his asking price ONLY IF he had several issues with the car repaired. He said that he would and that the repairs would be finished and the car would be ready for pick up on Saturday, June 8.

We made the 15 mile one-way trip to FM on Saturday, June 8, only to find that the car was locked in a service bay, Tarek was out of the country, and the sales rep, Derek, did not have a key to the garage. Derek told Paul and me to return on Monday, June 10, that the car would be ready then. I picked up my brother on Monday afternoon, began the drive to Fairfield, when Paul decided to call FM.  Paul talked with Derek and was told that the car was still not ready but that it would definitely be ready the following day, Tuesday, June 11.

We made a third trip to FM on June 11 to find the car out of the service garage, but appearing to be in worse condition than it was when we originally viewed it on June 5. The repairs had not been made, the car was filthy and there was yellow tape criss-crossed on one of the headlights. The car would not even turn over/start without a ten-minute battery charge. At this time Paul and I told the sales rep that we were now six days into what should have been a three day endeavor and that we wanted our security deposit back. The agreement made with Tarek on June 5 was that the necessary repairs needed to be made by Saturday, June 8, or the deal would be voided and Paul’s $300 deposit would be promptly refunded.

The June 5th meeting with Tarek was recorded (audio) with Tarek’s permission (he would not supply anything in writing other than a receipt that reads “deposit upon agreement”) and a note was made in the memo section of Paul’s deposit check that read “refundable deposit on 1999 VW Beetle”. I made Tarek aware that I was writing that statement in the memo section of the check and he did not take issue with it. The owner of FM, Mr. Dia Alasoud, after several unreturned calls were made to him on Tuesday and Wednesday, told me today, Friday, June 14 (day 10 of our ordeal) that he does not refund deposits.

My brother and I feel that FM is obligated to refund my brother’s deposit because

(1) they have not held up their end of the agreement (which we have on an audio recording);

(2) they endorsed and cashed Paul’s check being fully aware of the memo notation;

(3) the sales rep was not honest with us about the deposit being refundable; and

(4) because the car is in obvious worse condition than it was when we first saw it ten days ago.

We would like for Fairfield Motors to promptly refund Paul’s $300 deposit, as we are no longer interested in the car or doing business with Fairfield Motors. When informed that I was going to take “next steps” in pursuing the return of my brother’s money, Mr. Alasoud told me via a text message that I am a “crazy woman” and was “really p******” him off”. I have a slew of nasty emails from the owner, DIA ALAOUD.

I have already filed a formal complaint with the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau, I am now posting on this web site, and I am not going to stop posting until my brother gets his $300 deposit returned. My next step is Small Claims Court.



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