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Last Updated On: August 17, 2017

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Business Name: Dulles Motorcars Inc
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107-109 Catoctin Circle
Leesburg, Virginia 20175 USA

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Phone Number: 703-777-5055
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Company Contact: Tommy Omar - General Manager
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $16,120.00
Average Reported Losses: $16,120.00

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Dealership Fraud

Who is supposed to defend and support the people who are victim of dealerships’ fraud?

My name is Hamidreza Ghazavi. I purchased a used car from Dulles Motorcars Leesburg in 11/16/2016 (Mitsubishi ES Highlander AWD 2014, mileage 47.890, price $16.120).

At the time:

1. The salesman, Mr. JC Arrobas, guaranteed that the car has neither functional nor physical damage, and is accident-free.

2. He put the Carfax report on the desk just for some seconds while was talking, and took it out. When I asked him for the report again, he just gave me the first page of the report (only the information of the first owner).

3. I asked him for the car-booklet that was not inside the car; and he promised to print it out and give it to me a week after. (Still not done)

4. The car had dents and scratches. Again, he promised to fix it a week later. (Still not done)

After 2-3 days driving, I noticed some problems with the car:

1. The dashboard engine light got on and off with different warnings for tiers and transmission system.

2. The engine got frequently chocked off by itself.

3. Loss of fuel economy

4. The car was not running well; a significant weakness in power was obvious.

I called the salesman and explained everything and raised my concerns regarding engine or computer system problems, but he said there is nothing to worry; this is because of cold weather!

Afterwards, all mentioned problems kept worsening. Besides, I noticed a problem in shifting transmission, but the salesman either never responded my calls or repeated the same words. In 12/01/2016, a light with important warning message was appeared on the dashboard “Required immediate transmission service”. I called the salesman and heard the same words as before. But, I never trusted him and drove to the dealership and insisted for checking the engine and transmission.

Finally, the service manager said that the car has serious transmission system problem and you should go to certified Mitsubishi center in Maryland.

I asked to return the car because of this damage, but they refused. Then, I asked them to change it with another car that was refused as well. They said this car has been sold to you and there is no way to return or exchange it. The most important word that they constantly repeated was “The VA Law is behind the dealerships and supports us”!

A day after, I went there again and asked them to talk to the owner or top manager, I parked the car beside other cars on the curb inside the dealership. The manager, Sam Hamdan, came and instead of talking to me, rudely shouted at me and said “go out of my property otherwise I call police”. I said “call police that it’s better to have them as my witness”. But, the police came and arrested me due to trespassing! The policeman said that the owner needs you to take your car out of his property. I explained to the police everything and emphasized that:

1. They did fraud and sold a damaged car to me and the problems just started only 2-3 days after purchase,

2. I have to come here for any problem of the car because the dealership forced me to signed an arbitration form and told me that “never go to the court”.

3. They never answer my calls, and I have to to come here not to lose the golden time to cancel the contract and return the car.

But, unfortunately the policemen didn’t listen. I never got angry, never shouted nor yelled, just talked politely and peacefully. But, the police arrested me and sent me to the jail. I was fingerprinted and taken photos like a criminal. I was scheduled a court date in January 2017!

As a medical doctor with 15 years clinical practice in my country and after 48 years old, it was the first time I got arrest as a criminal for the fraud of the dealership!

Anyway, I took my car to the certified Mitsubishi service in MD and paid $130 despite the warranty. They said your car’s transmission is not under warrantee anymore, because its fluid has already been changed in non-certified center! Also, they said, I should firstly pay $480 to change the transmission fluid, because its fluid is not standard!

Another crucial point is, the real value of the car (with no transmission damage) is less than $8000 (based on other leaderships’ appraisal). Nobody gave me price for this damaged car with transmission problem.

The dealership made a big fraud. The car was damaged, with no warranted. They sold a damaged car to me and with the help of police they made a set up against me not to go there anymore for arbitration (as their commitment that forced me to sign its form). I need to cancel the contract and return the damaged car to the dealership because of aforementioned reasons.

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