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Last Updated On: August 8, 2017

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Business Name: Bennett Family Auto Osceola
Corporate Address:
508 Lincolnway W
Osceola, Indiana 46561 USA

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Phone Number: 574-329-5415
Company Contact: Todd Bennett - Owner


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Finaced Truck, and I am getting screwed out of my money

I bought this truck and 2 weeks after I had the truck, I started noticing problems. I found a paper in the truck stating recent work done to the truck and what was needed. It needed a front right hub replaced and I said that the transmission was shifting rough thats what I told the salesman (Brian). His responds was you got a 6 month warrenty on the truck, and he told me to take it to a mechanic shop not his problem. Well I took it to gates chevy world, and they put it on a lift and did a check of everything with the truck.

The next day when i went to pick it up they told me that i need both front hubs replaced and the transmission is shifting perfectly fine BUT you have a very rusty frame worst ive ever seen. And they said and i have on paper that the frame is cracked and is about to break at any moment. It is not safe to drive. So i took it back to the dealer and told him what i was told and showed him the paper i got from Gates Chevy World. And he told me he didn’t believe me and was tring to find the crack in the frame. But it is inbetween the cab and the bed. But you can feel its getting worse every other week. Im getting nervous while im driving down the road the frame is going to break and kill me. So i asked for another car and he couldn’t do much but put me in a car.

Well this car he gave me as a rental because he wanted to take the truck to one of his guys to get checked out and get the front hubs fixed. So mean while I am driving this little Saturn that has 203,000 miles on the body and has a used motor and transmission. And now that i was driving this car i noticed it was no better when your driving and go to move the steering wheel the car just shuts off and when you started it back up it shifted really rough then when u shut it off for 10 mins and restart it and drive, it drove like it had no roughness to the shifting. And when i got my truck back i got told their was no crack found and the truck has lots of drives. So I said okay.

Couple months down the road it starts to fall apart, parts are breaking off from the rust. The rear end swerves out when driving. So i took it too the dealer and told him if you cant put me in another car then i want what money I have put into this truck I have had the truck 5 months got a grand into it and still paying on it. And he said he would be able to give me what I have paid on it even the down payment. Then he said he would talk to Todd the owner of Family Bennett Auto located in Mishawaka IN. and get back with me in a couple days to get my money back.

So a couple days went by and nothing couple more days then he calls me and tells me i can bring the truck back and sign off on it and it will say det paid. Well i asked do i get my money back. He replied unfortunately that you have had the truck 5 months and got those many days of usage. He said a rental dont cost as much for that many days. So i am still paying on this truck and dont know what to do..


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