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Last Updated On: August 7, 2017

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Business Name: LLC
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1459 Cassat Ave
Jacksonville, Florida 32205 USA

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $28,442.54
Average Reported Losses: $4,740.42

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My $1,500 Mistake

I was looking for a car to buy and don’t have the best of credit, Riley Burke the owner, listen to my story and told me I was financed on the spot.

He took my down payment and we signed papers on a 2004 VW, which had some interior problems and he said he would take care of. But my mistake was trusting in this Christian proclaiming man, and not get it in writing.

When I started to leave with the car I seen that it had bald tire with the wire showing thru. And I told him that I didn’t want the car I had changed my mind. He refused to give me my money back.

So he put 2 used tires from a shop down the road on it, which he wanted me to pay him back for…

I drove it towards my home and the airbag light came on…

They had tried to glue the interior back in and it came unstuck, and the nasty glue went everywhere.

So I called him the next day and he told me to take it to a upholstery shop that he deals with, and they acted like they wanted nothing else to do with him. But the guys there did me a favor because he would not give me my money back, and tacked it up with tax to get by…

The next few days the engine light came on… And, oh by the way, while at the upholstery shop it would not crank… He was also suppose to have installed a new battery..

Anyways, then the car starting losing power and then it started shutting off completely.

So after the tag expired for the 30 days and it would not start, I told him I guess he needs to come get it…

He showed up today to take the vehicle, after he knocked on my door for the key like he was knocking it down. I answered the door and gave him the key, and told him to get it gone. He pulled it off with his truck.

Then left it at the store down the road.

Then he came back and tried to give me a paper for repo that he signed my name too and left.

Then he started texting me saying he was going to not put it down as a repo, but beings I wouldn’t sign the papers he was, and threatened to have my licenses suspended and Ssi taken away from me…

This is a seriously crazy man.. Anyone thinking about buying a car from him needs to research him first.. I would not have lost $1,500.00 if I had…


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I had gotten a car from this dude Riley as well but in my case it is a whole lot different I have several different receipts from when he has changed the price several different times on the vehicle I also have more than one from him and he has already repoed one of them that has already been paid for not only that but I have him on breach of contract several times as well as taking money from my account without permission and numerous other things just hired one of the best lawyers in the field i have… Read more »
Just out of curiosity, did the people who are complaining the loudest do the research on the book values first? Second, did you take the car to a trusted mechanic for a full look over BEFORE signing a contract to buy it? None of the complaints I read mentioned how much the buyer worked to protect themselves. I am on my way to this dealership to look at a car. I have cash payment and I will not under any circumstances buy until my mechanic has put it through its paces. If it breaks down a week later I’ll be… Read more »
I indeed had a multiple mechanics look at the vehicle I purchased. Riley lied about repairing the problem, there was an oil leak or something I can’t quite remember. But I took the car to many mechanics as wells as my step father and his nephew who were both mechanics and everyone said the same thing. Riley agreed he would repair the problem but he only patched it long enough to get me off the lot. Not to mention the when I test drive the vehicle it had new tires on it but a few days later I noticed there… Read more »
He is a scam artist and he rips people off selling them cars he knows isn’t worth nothing. He sold my mom a 1999 cougar and is charging her 9,074.24 and the car made it home but wouldn’t crank since then so we go up there and he tells us to get off his lot that the car is sold as is and we have to fix it are self let me remind you she’s paying 9,000.00 for a car she can’t even drive he is disrespectful and sells lemons I don’t recommend anyone to buy a car from Riley… Read more »
My first time buying son as well. Absolutely the poorest judgment call we made sending my son to his car lot to purchase his first car. My son put down 2k on a 1999 Nissan Altima that on paper was showing a total of almost 7k for this car because of interest and finance charges!! Try to teach your kids the right way to handle business and be responsible, this guy RILEY BURKE, not only harassed our family over a $100 late payment (which Riley insisted my son was $300 behind) when my son had never been late except for… Read more »

I hope this post gets to you, a similar situation happen to me with this maniac. Please email me

Hi… I am in the same situation with this nut case. I got my car in March and he JACKED up the price of the car. First, he tried to sell me a car which he knew did not work. Then after giving him CASH, and waiting, my husband went in and demanded my money back. We are in Jacksonville, FL and Riley appears to not have changed a bit. He is now texting me due to a payment, which again, he knew would be late. He is going to get his. I heard someone tried to run him off… Read more »

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