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There are plenty of honest, reputable car dealerships out there. But there are also plenty that are not. If there’s one thing that’s commonly known about car dealerships, it’s that they are a sleazy environment. They often advertise that they’ll sell a car to anyone – bad credit, no credit, no insurance, no job – it doesn’t matter. They are happy to sign you up for a payment plan.

The truth is, car dealerships know that if any of those situations apply to you, then you are an easy target. You are likely to miss a payment (or more) and then they own you. They can take you to court. They can repossess your car. And what happens to all the payments you made previously? They own those, too.

A less-than-honest car salesman will tell you anything to sell you a car. They’ll even tell you they share the same opinions and beliefs that you do. You need a car that gets 45 miles per gallon? This one gets that easily. You’ll only fill it up once every two weeks! Never mind that it’s a fifteen year old car. You say you need a car that’s reliable. But you soon come to find out that the radiator leaks, the air conditioning doesn’t work, the sunroof doesn’t open and the turn signals only come on when they feel like it.

Or how about this famous one? The dealer tells you that the car has never been in an accident. It’s never even had a fender-bender. The driver was an old lady who only took it to church and back home. And the first time you take it to a mechanic, they inform you that the car suffered from a front-end collision. Of course, that will result in alignment problems over time, forcing you to pay for expensive repairs.

But it’s too late now. The car is yours, and you’re stuck with the repair bills, the dangers of driving an unsafe car and the stress of financial trouble if you can’t make your payments. Does this sound like you?

You know you’ve been had, but what can you do? Well, just as positive word-of-mouth can grow a business, enough complaints can destroy it. Complaints List is your resource for revenge. So you signed the contract and now they won’t take your calls? Post your complaint here. Warn other car-buyers of the same dangers and put those crooks out of business!

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