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Last Updated On: August 15, 2017

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Business Name: Charter Communications
Corporate Address:
60 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10023 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 212-364-8200
Company Contact: Glenn A Britt - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.35 out of 5
Based On: 47 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 25

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $114,534.78
Average Reported Losses: $2,436.91

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TWC No Promotion Watch Out

This is about Time Warner Cable. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years.

I called to request information on rates for a faster internet plan. I was talked into a promotion which included the faster internet and some specialty cable channels.

I really did not want the change to my cable however the increased charge was only $4/month different if I took the package versus simply upgrading the internet. I agreed to this change over the phone.

Today I received the first bill, imagine my surprise when I find a bill for $55/moth more than what I agreed to.

I immediately called customer service. I was very irate and was told that the bill could be reduced for this month. I indicated this was not acceptable and was transferred to another customer service operator.

I was told that there was not a promotion with the value originally quoted. I was offered several other plans which offered minimal reductions in the cost. I told the customer service operator that I wanted to go back to my original service.

Bottom line I am now paying $30/month for the service that I had previously. We will be checking out other service providers. This is no way to treat a long term customer.

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Harassment by door to door salesman.

False advertising. Spectrum states they have consumer in mind. Not true. What they don’t tell you is all their prices quote and listed are promotional only. You must watch you account for the next promotion or you price will default up to retail pricing. Over 200 a month for Phone, Internet/TV. Also they state no hidden fees, NOT TRUE. You will pay for items you do not use. Example: i never watch sports EVER! BUT I’m forced to pay for Sports programming surcharge of 2.70 a month. Spectrum will not allow you to pick you own channels. Pay for what… Read more »
False advertising. Spectrum states they have consumer in mind. Not true. What they don’t tell you is all their prices quoated and listed are promotional only. You must watch you account for the next promotion or you pricessing will default up to reatil picing. Over 200 a month for Phone, Internet/TV. Also they state no hidden fees, NOT TRUE. you will pay for items you do not use. example: i never watch sports EVER! BUT I’m forced to pay for Sports programming sercharg of 2.70 a month. Spectrum will not allow you to pick you own channels. Pay for what… Read more »
I have had time warner cable for a lot of years and so has my mom and dad but now since spectrum took over they have way overpriced their programming and internet services, so now after calling them and talking with them about some different pricing for my package i get that is the price and can’t go down. Well guess what i will be shutting all of my services off and so will my mom and dad at their household as well as my brother in law and sister at their home as well, so that is 3 homes… Read more »
I just dropped TWC for Dish. Their prices are way too high and their service call turn around time is usually 4-5 days. We had a lightening storm that didn’t even flicker the lights but somehow one of my TV’s that was connected to TWC blew up! The tech came 4 days later to find that THEIR splitter on the back of the house had blown out and that is why we didn’t have service. They will not pay to replace the TV. The lights in the house didn’t flicker so I don’t see what else would have caused the… Read more »

TWC doesn’t care about their old customers. Prices for loyal customers just keeps going up.
All they have is old repeats of reality tv, loaded with commercials. If you have other options go for it.

TWC is soooo rude! I don’t even subscribe to them, and I have issues with them. Two TWC vans parked blocking my driveway. I didn’t see any technician around. I yelled for them and knocked on my neighbors’ door where I know they’re renovating. After 10 min on the phone and 3 transfers, I finally got to someone who said they would contact dispatch and have them move. After another 15 min someone came out talking on their phone, mouthed to me, “moving van.” She took her sweet old time removing her tool belt, gear, etc, finishing phone conversation before… Read more »

Why would anyone go into such details, as below , thinking it would matter? Time Warner brags about quick service. What a joke! They let us vent and could care less. The length of time waiting is ridiculous. The reps. They finally answer the call ,barely speaks enough English to understand them, real customer service!!

Why is it Time Warner Cable shows commercials advertising there prices then when you call to get the deal they say that is for new customers only? You show them loyalty to their company but are punished for not being new! I even paused it an read the ads small writing an no where on there did it say for new customers only. Also on there web site it does not say for new customers only .This is flat out false advertising.We have to put up with bad service as well as rude employees an getting shuffled from one department… Read more »
I am very upset with Time Warner. We had service with them for over 2 years and all of a sudden one day in April, they come to my house to “give us a free upgrade”. We had no idea about the appointment or that they were coming (during my baby’s nap time). When we talked to the tech and found out that the upgrade was not free and in fact we would be charged more, we declined the upgrade and sent him away. On the next month’s bill, our charges went up $40 without any warning or notification or… Read more »
I am very displeased with time warner. I’m a gamer and ever since we first had this crappy internet service (plus crappy devices for both internet and cable) everything goes to crap every month. I am so fed up with this service that I’d even contemplate on how i can help bring their demise sooner. Firstly, my family always sees unwanted breaks when watching something so then they miss a part of their show. Another thing is that everything is slow and fidgety when navigating around with the cable box. The internet when browsing on a computer will hesitate at… Read more »

they say you can call to Mexico, but I am o for 100 calls. They keep blaming the problems on every Mexican carrier. But, when I call on my cell (at a more expensive rate), I get right through no matter where I want to call in Mexico. Tech support are polite, but no help at all..

i applied for that 14.99 per month cable awhile back , to change my exsiting service coverage . the customer service member , couldnt understand my request , after a few attempted tries later , still no results .
that 14.99 deal does NOT exsist

anyone have issues with road runner in kansas city, mo

Very disappointed in my Time Warner Service, in San Antonio, Texas. Recently I received a promotion for an upgrade on my internet to 30 Mbps, Free wifi at home or on the go, whole house DVR service, unlimited calling to US, Mexico, China & Hong Kong and Free Phone 2 go app for my smartphone, and 5 movie channels. No charge for installation. All of this for $149.99. As of today I have spoken to at least 10 customer service reps, and the only thing I have received is my wifi upgrade and on my next bill this will cost… Read more »
Today I called ordered a 20$ simple tv package online to stream the super bowl from my roku. I quickly realized that I needed a username and pin number. So I thought this will probably be a quick fix. I saw a link on my order confirmation to create an id. I clicked it and it brought me to a page asking for my phone number and zip code. I typed in the information that I had used in my order and apparently, according to the website, I don’t exist. So I called customer service. After being transferred several times… Read more »
Tonight I was on the telephone for 2 hours eleven minutes with Five yes Five customer representitives in Appleton Wi at telephone number 1-800-892-4357. To resolve a simple problem. I wanted to diconnect my services for poor professional service. My service was supose to be disconnected on 10-26-2014. I spoke to Todd, Matt, Ashely, Scott, and the other is in the system. There lead told me after two hours and ten minutes the system showed the sevice was still not disconnected. Because it was after Nine o’clock now he could not disconnect the service either. They do not have a… Read more »

for 2 mos. there was NO sound for the Spartacus series and now it’s happening to the World Series of poker on ESPN2. Doesn’t any monitor these things?

Remember when they offered cash reward cards if you signed up for service. The deal was you would get a cash reward card 4 to 6 weeks after having 90 days continuous service. Well, I had service installed in September 2013, I registered for the card and got an email confirmation in October 2013. It is now the middle of March, over 5 months later, and I’m still waiting. I called the company which processes the rewards and was told they were processing my card now. So I contacted TW and after two very lengthy chats was told they couldn’t… Read more »

TWC does NOT care about their current customers. Prices for loyal customers just keeps rising.
Charging a higher tier fee for FS2 is ludicrous!

first problem w/ time warner is there so over priced!!!!!! and there boxes are AWFULL!! you can only dvr 2 channels at a time and then you have to watch one of them or cancel theother,not to mention the remote controll sucks also this is my opinon and i’m allowed to say it..

Ever since the new adapter boxes were put in our homes, I have had nothing but trouble watching my tv. The service get interupted and techs (many many techs) have come out and changed wires. changed the box. done this, done that. Problem still not fixed. This has been going on for about 5 months now and I am tired of it. My tv is digatle ready, and then cable does this to us. when are they going to realize customers are fed up, I know I am.
I would not take Time Warner if they gave it to me. They locked me into a two year extended contract without my knowledge. Claimed they sent me something to opt out and I didn’t. Locked me in at a higher rate. Why on earth would I lock myself in for 2 years at a higher rate. They refused to give me a better deal so I went to direct TV. NOW they are charging me a early cancellation fee for kicking them to the curb. I NEVER AGREED TO THE 2nd TWO YEARS!!!!!!! Their customer service people are rude… Read more »


You are currently showing two new ads using a coach as the main character to teach employees customer service. Unfortunately, I believe it really does make your service reps look "dumb."


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