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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

Contact Information

Business Name: AT&T Corporation
Corporate Address:
2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, California 90245 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-531-5000
Company Contact: Michael D. White - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.28 out of 5
Based On: 322 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 455

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $66,414.46
Average Reported Losses: $206.26

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Is DIRECTV a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Directv - The worst company to deal with in the galaxy.

Condensed version:

Call DirecTV to see if I could lower my cable bill from AT&T Uverse. I was offered the DirecTV Choice plan for 97$, an increase in my internet speed and 2 100$ gift cards for switching. The only charges were going to be for the first month and 35 for activation.

I then asked for a confirmation email which was never sent. Also I was promised that the service was much better and would not need to drill holes in my roof.

3 days later I got an email from Uverse saying that there was going to be a increase in my cable plan. Called them and asked why, they stated that I changed my plan which I had not done yet. Got them to change it back.

Then called DirecTV and begged them to send confirmation emails of my new plan of which the only sent a copy of the user agreement.

Instillation day came and the service provider can says he can only install it in my brand new roof. I should have known better.

When he finishes he tells me that there is a 100$ wireless instillation charge, but if I call DirectTV they will wave it because I was already Uverse wireless customer.

Here is where it gets aggravating.

I called DirecTV and spoke to Miranda and she just reads from her script and won’t even look into the matter. I then ask for a supervisor and am given to Keisha. She basically calls me a liar and tells me that they never give out 2 gift cards and If I didn’t like it I should call Uverse.

So I called Uverse spent 50 minutes on the phone. Josh wanted to charge more for the upgraded internet but at least he said that they would look into the matter.

I was put on hold for 5 minutes, waiting to talk to a migration specialist and then was disconnected.

I called back and spoke to Mina and it was like starting all over again.

So now I am paying for 2 providers, 100$ instillation fee and no gift cards.

And to top it off I now have no home phone service because the installer used my phone cable to hook up the DirecTV.

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Everyone is complaining about Direct tv but it’s their parent company AT&T who bought them out and controls direct tv..
I had direct tv for years and it was a great company to work with. Now it’s impossible because of AT&T. Start blaming the company who destroyed Direct tv and the government for allowing it.

Direct TV installed a dish on our roof and secured it with 6 concrete blocks. Last year, in February 2017 our roof collapsed under the weight of the water. We were greatly inconvenienced by the subsequent roof and ceiling repairs. Direct TV paid for the damage and reinstalled the dish. This year (unbeknownst to us) we discovered they reinstalled the dish exactly as it had been! The result was a new leak in the ceiling and a flooded roof this year. Again, we were greatly inconvenienced by the repairs which included ripping the sheet rock off our ceiling. When the… Read more »
Direct TV installed a dish on our roof and secured it with 6 concrete blocks. Last year in February 2017 our roof collapsed under the pressure. We were greatly inconvenienced by the subsequent roof and ceiling repairs. Direct TV paid for the damage and reinstalled the dish. This year unbeknownst to us they reinstalled the dish exactly as it had been! The result was a new leak in the ceiling and a flooded roof this year. Again, we were greatly inconvenienced by the repairs which included ripping the sheet rock off our ceiling. When the installer came out to reset… Read more »

Direct TV is the worst, by far, provider I have ever experienced. I’ve had Comcast, Charter. and now this inept provider. TV constantly goes out and says no network connection. NEVER EVER had this problem with any other provider. I live at 37039 Poplar St., Newark Ca. and repair people have had to come numerous times to reset the TV. So dissatisfied.

i never got direct tv they said my trees r to tall but they are stilling billing me AWFUL

I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW DIRECT HAS CHEATED OUT OF MONEY THEY HAVE TAKEN OFF MY CREDIT CARD FOR OVER A YEAR AND NO ONE WILL HELP THEY JUST KEEP MOVING ME FROM PERSON TO PERSON ON THE PHONE the people that work at direct tv are untrained even the managers I am tired of them keeping my money they are the worst company ever

Hi my name is Dennis. I received a phone call stating that I missed a payment. when I called to ask why I had a balance because I had suspended my service for 6 months because this is a summer cottage and I have been doing this for 20 years. I was told that the account had to stay open because my final payment (that I pay electronically and it was not recorded for several days after my due date. The agent acknowledged that it was received at the office on time. She told me that in order to suspend… Read more »

Waiting on a shipping label and a box so I can send them there equipment back. I have been calling them every week and wasted a lot of hours on the phone with them. Am getting no where. So I am afraid they are going to charge me more money . They give you 21 days to return it back to them. Tomorrow is day 18. I am beside myself as I am surviving on social security. I am feed up with them putting me on hold and hanging up on me.

I have been dealing with the exact same issue. I have called them 5 times to send me the box to return the equipment back. Still no box or shipping labels. I have spent 30 minutes on the phone with them each time to get NOTHING accomplished!

We got a letter in the mail asking if we wanted to up grade to HD recv.-so we called and set an appt. for 12/9/17 at 12-4 pm- no one showed up-we had another appt. at 5:30pm-when I called them at 430pm they had already changed the appt. time to 4-8pm-no one called us and told us that it had been changed-etc.-called to reschedu-le and was set for 1/8/18 at 8-12 am- no one showed again-called to complain-they were rude-set another appt. for 1/12/18 8-12am-we will see if they show up this time, their customer service sucks big time!!!!!!!!!!

Complaining once again about the descriptive plots for adult entertainment and the children that are scrolling through to see this garbage! They are seeing movie descriptions about young teens being “forced to eat box” or ” watch how tiny pink holes are torn apart and stretched by huge shafts!” only tells me that you are catering to pedophiles and rapists! Why would you advertise such horrible tragic content to normal adult Viewers? This sort of content is for pedophiles and rapists! Who is writing these descriptions? Who is writing The plots to advertise this adult entertainment? You are going to… Read more »
I would like to complain about the content displayed in the adult Channel advertising and how the plot descriptions of the adult Industry caters to rapists and pedophiles. I would like to know who writes these descriptions For the plots of the adult entertainment? For that to be exposed to children that are scrolling through DirecTV’s guide. Movie descriptions such as, ” watch how tiny pink holes get ripped apart and stretched by huge shafts,” describes to me what a pedophile or a rapist would be looking for. Why on Earth would you cater to pedophiles and rapists when the… Read more »

I signed up for the wireless unlimited plan last march and was supposed to get a $25 monthly discount. After many hours on the phone it has not been done. Att and Direct tv do not stand behind their promises.

Customer service is below poor! Say they will follow up and don’t, no notes on the account regarding the issues I’ve called in about. Have to re-explain every time I call in. No escalation of complaints, no complaint department. Overall Poor!!! But I am now stuck in a 24 month contract!!

Direct tv sucks!
Terrible service
No refunds for nfl ticket protests
Automatic renewals and billings that are impossible to contest
AT&T will lose all of my business thanks to direct tv

We cancelled our DirecTV. They owed us a refund of $23.77 which they sent to us on a DirecTV Visa card. We discovered that you could not use the entire amount on the card by buying something higher at a store and then putting the rest of the amount on your ATM card. You always had to purchase something of a lesser value than what was on the card for the card to work. This results in the card eventually being left with money on which can never be given back to us. Now I know that if I owed… Read more »

As a long term customer of AT&T and Direct TV….they are price gougers, does not
stand by their promotions and WORSE yet…if you are a long term customer, they fail to tell you that you immediately default back to the original plan, regardless if it residential, wireless, internet or DIRECTTV as in my case…Customer service/Loyalty does not communicate with each other….and does not have access to view all of your accounts-regardless if you have combined billing….TOTALLY dissatisfied customer.

Direct TV quoted a price thru Century Link, and did not live up to the stated price. Cancelled service a week after the dead line. Stated case to no response. Have not paid the 425.00 and do not plan to pay.

I don’t understand I see dishes all over the place on roofs and when they got out her they told me they were not able to Help me because there not able to get on the roof that is so wrong because there are other people around that has had it done I am not happy

If I do not change channels in about three hours it interrupt my show with direct tv logo Enjoyed the active option I have been with direct tv for about 15 years I will be deciding to change next year.

We have been with DirecTV since 1995. We recently decided to disconnect our DirecTV since our bill has gotten too high (we are on a fixed income). When my husband called and told them we were disconnecting, my husband was on the phone for over 1 hour (mostly on hold) and then was told that to disconnect there would be a disconnect fee of $240.00. He was told when we updated to Genie, we signed up for 2 more years. Well, we were NOT told we were signing up for 2 more years. How can DirecTV get away with this?… Read more »
My Directv system started failing on Monday night. If would start then fail then start again and fail. I called and they told me that there was a software problem with my type of receiver. That they would E-mail when it was fixed. Never got an E-mail. Each time I call I got a different answer. After missing the Warrior game I called asked for a new receiver. they scheduled for the next day. The tech installed the receiver and got the system up and running. Then left. an hour later the receiver did an upload of software and quit.… Read more »
Just another dealing with Directv. Cancel premuim channel that they the gave me free which I didn’t want tried to charge me 128. dollars for that then wanted to do away with my year service for only 80 wich is suppose to be $75 got that fix still have not resolve recieving the wrong recieve i wanted a straight hd reciever no internet connection. Whic what that sent in order to get the one I order in the first place I have to paid $300 dollars. When my contract up I am going back to Dish better service and get… Read more »

Beware…Directv and Dish are both owned by AT&T

We have been with Directv for a number of years. Living in Ohio, being from Wisconsin we naturally want to watch Wisconsin sports. We paid (a lot) to get the MLB package. 2 days in a row we tried to get the Milwaukke Brewers- Pittsburg Steelers MLB game. Fox sports Wisconsin said it was blacked out in oour area- not available on any other channel- that’s 669, then tried 729 and 730 with the same results. Spent over an hour chatting on line with Bruce, then Jake- problem not resolved. Jake said “because there is blacked out on broadcaster end… Read more »

Direct TV have gone up double on my billing(never late on a pmt)-when I called they did not assist me at all-I think FCC need to get more involved on Direct TV-COX and Century Link-many billing problems and they do not want to seem to help the customers out.

I called Directv to inquire why my bill had gone up $59. They told me it was due to not returning my fourth receiver. I told them I was being billed for four receivers but they never activated one of them. Idiot stick from India had no idea about what I was talking and activated my fourth receiver and now added a fifth. So I asked for a supervisor. After being on hold for two hours, I finally hung up and called again, this time asking to speak to someone in the United States. I was refused. I called again,… Read more »

Just to let you no that AT&T most the work for residential service has been transfer to India they move all over there played off mortgage than thousand employees for cheaper wages so we get service that not worth to cents so I am not surprised


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