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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

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Business Name: Comcast Corporation
Corporate Address:
One Comcast Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103-2838 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 215-665-1700
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Brian L Roberts - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 134 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 37

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,079,560.59
Average Reported Losses: $8,056.42

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Xfinity service Interruption without a reason

I would like to complaint about the customer service in Xfinity.

On August 2nd when I came home from work I received this message from Xfinity stating that my service had been interrupted. In the message I was instructed to call to get the issue resolved in minutes.

I did not get my service back until late Friday.

I called on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday multiple times, to the phone number provided to get a status update, and every time they would ask me for the same information, my device model number, MAC address and whether it was mine or theirs. I don’t know how many times I repeated this information to them. Were the reps not entering the information I was giving them?

I was told that this interruption was due to a security check because there were customers using other people’s devices and that they needed to verify my device. Needless to say I have been a customer with them in Boston since April 2016, with the same device and information I provided them at the start of the contract.

The customer service representatives at the phone number provided in the message were unable to get my service back due to an “error”. They kept telling me that I had to wait for the “security” team to call me back. When? They didn’t know, but they did know I had to be home. WHAT? Don’t we all have busy lives? I can’t wait at home to see if I get a call from the “security” Xfinity team.

The minutes in the message became days and on Friday afternoon I receive a call from Xfinity. I call back and I am routed to the “technical” team. This “technical’ team looks at my account (thank god they could look up my device model number and MAC since I was not home) and says that the problem was the device was not “active”. They activate the device and let me know that the issue was resolved, that I should have service back.

When I came back home I had service. I thought this was an issue that the “security” team could only resolve as I was instructed by their customer representatives?

I called billing the other day to request credit for the days I paid and did not have service and the customer representative asked me AGAIN, if the device was mine or theirs. Unbelievable.

To this day, I do not know what the exact reason for the interruption was, but one thing is clear. They lied in their message as it took more than minutes to resolve it. They lied about only the “security” team being able to solve the problem, since the “technical” team solved mine apparently.

They do not keep records of the information you provide and make you own the problem. I had to repeat myself with every single rep I spoke. I don’t know how many times I have given them my device information.

And they do not tell you the TRUTH of the issue as if you were an idiot. They just let you high and dry and tell you that they will call you.

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These Guys are Hard to deal with they sell you a package and do not tell you its a promotion and it ends then they start charging you for everything they can, the only way to get them to remove anything is threaten to cancel.
waited for over 45 mins and went through several different people that I could not understand. call center must be in India.
I’m Going to go with DISH

On November 26, 2017, I received a call from Comcast stating I am having trouble on my line. Everything appeared to be fine to me. I agreed with scheduling an appointment on November 28, 2017. The technician came out and fumble around and made everything worst. I had no problem with my phone. When he left, I was stuck with no phone service. I call to see if they would send someone out to get my phone service. They keep saying they would send someone out the next day. I was upset but went alone with it. The next day… Read more »
I am being accused of using cable in Atlanta, Ga. I have never been to Georgia. Comcast has sent bill collectors to my house and in order to clear myself I have to submit copies of my drivers license and a police report. also since the fraudulent people did this in 2016, Comcast could not be bothered working on my case. I dread going to sleep. I have tried numerous times to send them fraud reports and proof of innocence. Finally in 2017 they responded, but I have to send in more documentation. I never worked with such an inefficient… Read more »
I moved other state, there no service from comcast. I cleared all my bills and asked the customer care to stop my service and deactivate it in January month and thought I deleted my account. After 2 months later, someone called me, said that you need to pay bill for last 3 months. I got shocked and said, I already closed my account, but people not listening and now saying that yoou have to pay bill for 3months. I felt very bad and only thing is later I didn’t confirmed it whether they closed it or not. Comcast would have… Read more »

Let me know if anyone wants to join in a joint lawsuit against Comcast for the frustration and lies. Also, lawyers who want a part of this please contact also.

I had Comcast installed on February 26, 2017. Two weeks after installation of 1 DVR and 1 receiver. I started receiving the updates messages on the receiver in the middle of the TV screen with no picture. (on TV I watch most of the time) which show up with an option to do update or cancel update until later. The remote would not activate either choice. I had to unplug the box to reboot the receiver. I phoned Comcast to let them know what was happening, they told me if they send a technician out they would charge me. Also,… Read more »
I wish Comcast would teach their csr to listen instead of talk. When I call, I state my purpose first thing and invariably I have to go back and tell them what I need help with. they are so busy speaking they do not hear the customer…that is not service. the last rep I spoke with must have just learned the word contract, because every other work out of her mouth was conbtract…..You are in a contract, you were paying x on your contract etc . when we got down to the information she was stating my base charge that… Read more »
Comcast is forcing me into bankruptcy and are very proud of themselves. I am a single mom that just loss my business and they will not let me out of my contract that I tried to cancel 7 days after they forced me into a new contract. The reason why they won’t cancel is they are holding my building hostage in hopes new owners will continue with their service. They are the lowest of lows. All other banks, creditors, vendors have been more then reasonable in trying to help me with the closing of my store, Just making me sick… Read more »
These bastards charged me 674.62 within an 90 day period they are the shittest company ever im going to pay to end my services with them the last time i went through them they had an miscellanious bill out there that i never owed inhad returned the equipment and got an reciept for it but yet they claim they never had proof that i returned the equipment and still owed money which i did not because i had paid my last and final bill and had an credit on my account i hate i have to go through them in… Read more »
Comcast offered an upgrade for 129/month and after a long discussion with their customer rep I ordered it. They sent a technician to install a new digital tuner and I paid $246 for that but my first monthly bill is for $173. I sent a text message to the company web site last week but have not received a reply so I guess they expect me to pay them the full amount. Looking around the web it seems quite a few people feel cheated by Comcast. If anyone has been successful in fighting these people I would appreciate their advice.… Read more »

If Comcast will not have the Word Network I will cancel. I pay the price (which is stupid) to see what I want to see. I enjoy the Word Network and would miss it. So time for a change.

People love the Word Network, especially African Americans. Comcast holds a monopoly in Detroit since Coleman Young who took bribes to land the deal. The Word Network supports the many churches in Detroit. Do the right thing!

I have had problems with Comcast since I moved to this apartment complex in September, 2014. At first the problem was millions of spam calls and then I found out that if you get an unlisted phone (which they charge for) they sell phone numbers to businesses. I eventually gave in and got a new phone number and now pay $4/mo for them not to list it. More recently I have had major problems with wifi and therefore my phone and internet. They don’t know what they are doing. I told them it was an outside cable problem which they… Read more »

Comcast phone service is internet based. You can sign up for free to block robo calls. If you do this while also placing your number on a do not call list, the solicitation will end.

Took equipment back to service center got receipt 05-04-15. Still being
billed for modem, late fees, HBO did not have it.Got me owing $442.00.
Was all paid up when service was canceled.

I switched to Comcast about 6 months ago (I had AT&T U-Verse for over 10-yrs.). I am on their “triple play package” (phone, cable and internet). I have had nothing but problems with all the modalities. My cable needs to be re-set/re-started every 45-days because it freeze’s up. The phone still garbles (voices are not heard), so I’ve reset that more than 4-times in 6-mos.. And my internet drops off (either slows down to a crawl or just doesn’t load pages) at least once a week. I didn’t have half as many problems with AT&T during the 10-years I had… Read more »

try having to recover web page between each email! tech coming on Thursday. He was just here installing new equip about 6 weeks ago.

I’ve got Comcast and every time I have a problem they will send out a tech, they don’t tell you it will cost 75 dollars! They installed the cable and all jacks and I rent my modem from them so as it will be there problem. There favorite answer is we’ll reset your modem, which I can do myself. You can never get through to tech support! And when you do you can’t understand the techs. I call as though I’m going to order new service and get to tech support much faster. This is insane! There billing dept. is… Read more »

That’s not true. After going through technical troubleshooting over the phone, they do mention if a tech needs to come out there can be a charge depending what the tech has to do at the home which you have to agree with before accepting the service call. If you don’t want a charge order their 3.99 SPP warranty!

i am only in florida for one month out of the year and through the hoa i have cable all year even though i do not use it. i called for a price to get internet for one month and i have my own modem router so they do not need to come to the house to give me service. I was told that it would be 29.95 or 29.95 for a month and be pro-rated per day with no fee to connect or disconnect service. when i called to cancel my service i ask for the total i owed… Read more »

I moved eight months ago. Was comcast customer before. After eight months they still don’t have my email address correctly, nor my phone number. They could not connect my computer properly but bill me anyway. No answer on any complaints. Now they charge me for service that they refuse to provide because payment is late.
Comcast is the DEVIL, stupid, evil, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been dealing with Comcast for the last week and a half. We tried to set up a small cable black box in our bedroom with no results. I called eight times to customer service reps who sent eight signals to the box to no avail. The last rep said to bring the box back to the service center for a new box. I did and, again, more calls, more signals more nothing. Then, the signal on the main tv off the large black box started to scramble. I ordered a service technician to come out the next Monday… Read more »
I am very disappointed with Comcast services. Requested services to be disconnected on August 5 and services was not disconnected until August 20, but what is so crazy is that they sent new cables boxes out to me at my old address once I requested it disconnected and they wanted me to pay for them after I was gone. It has taken me 4 months and 15 customer service reps to receive a particle credit for the amount charged. Comcast will never be another provider for me I will look at regular tv with the black box if Comcast was… Read more »
according to my apartment complex manager Comcast has breached their contract in issuing me equipment that failed twice in 5 days. upon returning equipment, I was charged $70.15 and given a second tech call for two weeks after second equipment failure. all calls are routed to business depts. in Mexico, not New Mexico; Mass, Ill. Wis.Ca. for 6 hrs after automated system says it has my account and being put on hold by bus. techs promising to connect me with billing but never did. still trying to connect with fraud depts. in my state of tn. now thinking state will… Read more »

I have the same problem with comcast – massive over billing. Billing never changed. Being charged for equipment we don’t have.

My suggestion: CUT THE CORD

It’s impossible to understand their bills and they do this on purpose.

I had Comcast for a month and when i got my first bill, it was over $400 dollars. They claimed it was service fees. I decided to change cable companies. I got my final bill and it was over $800 dollars. HOW THE HELL DID IT GET THAT HIGH IN AN EXTRA MONTH?!

I have had Comcast for years for my kids…Comcast always tell you about some deal that will save you money but when you get the bill it higher every month. I have been having problems with my internet connection since Feb. Everything was fine, I paid the bill to off and have been having problems every since…I lose connection all the time, a technician had been out and told me it was my router got another one same problem. Then they said to take equipment back and exchange it did that still Internet connection will not stay on, demand does… Read more »

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