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You are not going to go into every business and be efficient every single time. When you hire into a new business or company, you will be trained for the position, and perhaps even take necessary courses that pertain to the new job you’ve acquired. Some of these training and business courses may be helpful and beneficial, while at other times they may be unnecessary or even a waste of time. However, the purpose of each of the courses is to ensure that you know the job and can perform it efficiently.

If you have hired into a business and took the business training and courses, did they properly train you for the job you have to do? Was the training in depth and detailed so you felt you could perform the job accurately or was the course more of a talk through with little to do with the actual work you’d be performing? Where the courses more about being polite and working together with others then how to do your job accurately and efficiently?

If you hired into a position where you’re working in a factory setting, did you take two weeks of courses regarding safety and harassment only to be put on the factory floor with a “work buddy” who didn’t explain how to do the job but expected you to understand the work after a day of following them around? Or perhaps you took a training session for a retail position and practiced performing transactions on a register that wasn’t like the ones on the sales floor. Were you told the skills were transferable even though the setup of the computer was different?

Your training and courses complaints may not be about learning something new but perhaps learning about a position or job you’ve already been performing for over twenty years. Has someone with a limited understanding of the job come in to give you a routine course of how to perform the job when you yourself have been performing it for years? Does the business waste money and time providing courses for people who already have a deep understanding of how to do the job?

Perhaps you train for a business that is designed to sell a product either in person or over the phone. Are you trained in an aggressive form of salesmanship that in many cases makes you feel uncomfortable as the person selling the product or service? Is their “three no” policy closer to harassment then good sales tactics? Perhaps you’ve noticed that their training creates an aggressive environment instead of a customer friendly one.

Whether they train too much or too little we’d like to hear your business training and courses complaints. We want to know why you have a complaint about their training practices. You’ll feel better sharing your story with others as well as knowing you’re alerting them to the poor or over aggressive training of the business you’ve had experience with. So share your business training and courses complaints with us here at

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