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Close allows users to complain about Book Clubs Subscriptions companies, businesses, or websites. If a Book Clubs Subscriptions company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

Book clubs and other reading subscription services are much less common today than they used to be. However, many book clubs still exist, and business is still booming. Unfortunately, some of that “booming business” is rather ill gotten gain. If you’ve been the victim of a disreputable book club service, you should seriously consider filing a complaint on

If you’ve been cheated out of your money by what you considered to be a “reputable” book service, then it’s even more important that you file a complaint with Complaints List. After all, your story on may be the only true negative review on the Internet. By telling your story on Complaints List, you can help ensure that others don’t have to suffer through the same issues that bothered you.

These are just a few of the issues you may have run into with a book club or subscription service.

Change of Terms/Non-Negotiable

Book clubs almost always rope in customers by offering incredible prices and terms of service. Some book clubs claim they can offer brand new paperbacks for mere pennies. Of course, if you’re reading this page today, it’s probably because you’ve learned that those promises aren’t always quite as good as they sound.

Many book subscription services will hide the real terms of service deep in the fine print. Even worse, some of these companies will change their terms of service without your consent, and then claim that you have to go along with it.

Non-negotiable terms of service can place a big financial stress on many customers. When it costs you just as much to get out of the contract as it does to continue paying it, you’re unlikely to leave. Though you might feel helpless, Complaints List exists to amplify your voice. File a complaint today!

Limited Selection

Another frustrating issue for many book lovers is the limited selection that these book clubs offer. A bargain starts to appear less and less like a bargain when the selection is limited. After all, if you can’t get the books that you want, then what good is a book club?

Don’t let yourself be discouraged by limited selection. Instead, let the subscription service know you’re frustrated by filing a complaint.

Shipping Issues (Speed & Damaged Goods)

Perhaps one of the biggest issues for most subscribers is with shipping. While the book club might not be fully responsible for the speed of shipping or the condition that the items arrive in, they might hold themselves to certain standards.

If the book club promises to replace any damaged items, but then refuses to do so when you plead your case, then you need to act immediately, and file a claim about the subscription service.


Of course, these are only a few of the many problems you may have with a book subscription service. If you have other complaints or frustrations, then we have a home for them on File a complaint today, and let others know what companies they should steer clear of!

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