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We all rely on bookstores and online booksellers for pleasure reading, textbooks, and other reading materials, but not all booksellers are the same. With e-books, hard copy books, and new or used books, the quality can depend on a number of different factors.

What about your local book store? Sometimes, book stores can be loud or overcrowded. Bookstores with coffee shops sometimes have crowds of people drinking coffee in the aisles, but no one seems to be paying attention to the customers who are looking for books. Some coffee shop/ bookstore combinations even have singers and other performers, when their customers want to browse in peace and quiet.

Is it easy to find what you want? At some book stores, categories aren’t always clear, and you can end up wandering the stacks for a long time just to find what you need. Online booksellers can have the same problems. Are their websites confusing or misleading? Do you ever search for your favorite author’s newest book only find out that it is out of stock when you go to check out? A bookstore might have the book you desperately need for next week’s class, but they refuse to sell it because it is the “store copy.” Some bookstores will have posters for a book in the windows, but then not stock the book they advertised. Other times, a much-anticipated book will come out, and you’ll find out that all the copies have already been pre-ordered.

Prices aren’t always consistent from bookseller to bookseller. Have you ever purchased a book only to find that it sold online for half the price? Does your bookseller make it difficult to find used books, in the hopes that you will spend more on the new ones? Are there confusing “discount” deals that leave you wondering if you actually saved any money, or if you just bought more than you wanted to in the first place?

Many people rely on booksellers for book recommendations – are they worthwhile? Has your local book store recommended books that you like, or did they simply make recommendations without listening to what you want? Is staff attentive and polite, or do they ignore you? Have you ever used an online bookseller that doesn’t have any way for you to ask questions, or requires you to spend a long time on hold just to ask about shipping or return policies?

Let us know what you’ve experienced. Do you have any tips for book buyers that can save them the same headaches you’ve had?

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