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Last Updated On: December 5, 2017

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Reported Losses: $4,000.00
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Revolutions - Discrimnation: denied my right to apply for employment...

At the end of the year 2009 after some years of sobriety, I started to travel to Myrtle Beach South Carolina from Columbia, South Carolina in search of a house that I had visited when I was 16 years old in the year 1987. I wanted to find this house because someone gave me a bottle of vodka when I was under age, which I drank and later I almost killed a man on a motorcycle. I placed blame on myself, my youth, and being naive for that incident however I have also placed blame on that person who gave me that drink who is unknown still this day and the house where the vodka was obtained. Myrtle Beach had become a place I was frequently visited from Columbia because I was combing neighborhoods for the house, seeing if anything or any place was going to help with my memory of 1987. I also was starting to see a side of Myrtle Beach that I never knew existed before, a fun side that didn’t involve what I knew of the beach before which was drinking. So I started to look for a night club because I am a disc jockey and also love to dance as a form of spiritual expression and exercise. I went to Broadway at the Beach which is a public entertainment attraction in North Myrtle Beach; I discovered a very classy night club called Revolutions which is located in The Celebrity Square section of Broadway at the Beach. I had befriended the resident dj there and was starting to enjoy what the club was giving for entertainment and music. I danced numerous times while spending money on Red Bull energy drinks, Voss bottled water and other non-alcoholic drinks. I never had any problems with the other intoxicated people that frequented the night club except for a few times someone would bump into me and of course I had always said excuse me regardless of them saying it or not. Sometimes a toe or a foot was stepped on but it never really upset me.

I started bringing a significant other (Beverly Jean Hill) there with me on occasion and started to befriend other people there at the night club including the friends of the dj (Richard Hargrove). There’s this married couple (Carolyn Denton and Glenn Denton) who obviously have been customers at Revolutions for some time before I started going there. They were taking pictures most of the time that they were at the club. And the liked drinking a lot and giving shots to Richard which disturbed me from time to time. They were friends of the dj though. And in the beginning we all got along with each other, sometimes we went out to breakfast after the club would close at 3:00 am on Fridays and 2:00 am on Saturdays. As the next couple years rolled by my significant other and I were having problems with her insecurities and jealousy. We however never had huge arguments in public at Revolutions but some of our associates knew we were having problems which were sometimes posted on Facebook. Apparently Carolyn Denton had an issue with me and I believe that she had assumptions about the way I treating my significant other. After my relationship ended things changed with the friendship I had with Carolyn Denton. I posted on Facebook about how hurt I was about some of the rejection and discrimination inflicted by Beverly Jean Hill. Carolyn Denton didn’t like some of these posts and made a comment that I wasn’t really offended by but I however replied with a “shut up” and this apparently started her hatred towards me which caused her to unfriend me from her Facebook. I regret to inform you that those posts have been deleted, not by me. So I cannot state exactly what she said that warranted me to say “shut up”. But I said it in a friendly manner not really being angry because I do have messages back to her which states I said, “not to take it so seriously” because she unfriended me. Anyways I asked to be her friend again which availed no reply. I accepted it and her husband Glen Denton continued to be my friend on Facebook and greeted me from time to time at the night club when I visited while she ignored me. While all this was happening through a few months at the close of the summer of 2012. I started to get accepted to perform on stage outside in front of The Hard Rock Cafe. I did a total of 4 shows which I was paid $250.00 in cash for one performance by one of the Revolutions managers, then another $250.00 in cash by another Revolutions manager (Rick Barab) and then finally $500.00 in a check by another female manager. I was later asked to sign some tax papers for temp employment but was not offered application for employment. I was really grateful for the opportunity to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams of performing for a large public gathering.

In 2012 when winter was rolling in and the stage where Broadway at the Beach has their Summer Concert Series was closing down. Revolutions started to let me spin in the club from 7:00pm until 10:00pm during their opening early hours. I accepted this offer and used their equipment without any mention of actual employment or payment. I was hopeful for an opportunity to work for Revolutions. And started to really come down there to Myrtle Beach every single weekend spending the little bit of the money my deceased father left for me after he died 2011. This money was from my own life insurance policy that my father had on me. An estimated total of $3000.00 was spent driving down to Myrtle Beach and back home, food costs and some hotel rentals while I worked those same early hours for the night club without being legally employed or insured. Let me state also for the record that during these 3 years gifts to Richard Hargrove and gifts to me were exchanged some were payments to me for the services I provided to the night club but were also because Richard Hargrove knew I would like them. I believe Richard felt bad that Rick Barab wasn’t willing to pay me for my services. I accepted Richard’s gifts graciously but my bank account and savings were feeling the effects of the months of travel with no pay or reimbursement. I had no real resentments against this and just decided I wouldn’t go to Myrtle Beach as much or do the opening set anymore which really disappointed me because I really enjoyed doing it. I had to just buckle down a little more with my day job here in Columbia, SC. Sometime before all this happened about 1 year ago I had wanted to replace the fog machine I had given to the club because someone had stolen the remote control which was very suspicious. It was no big deal so I bought another fog machine and replace it. I had also given a green laser beam which was still in good working condition to the night club. I mentioned this not because I want reimbursement but for facts. I was invited to an employee party because of my stage performances and inside help, it was very pleasant and I was grateful. I heard in conversation that Rick Barab wanted and couldn’t find Christmas dinner table mats. So I later surprised him before Christmas with some out of the goodness of my heart and appreciation of opportunity in the club.

I don’t know when things change but I had always felt discrimination from Rick Barab though and it reared its ugly head one night while I was in the parking lot at Broadway at the Beach, when Rick Barab said that I couldn’t come into the club because of my pants. I was wearing designer pants made by GAT which I have never heard anyone or place complain about before. Instead of arguing with him about the fact he and other Revolutions employees never had said anything before to me those 3 years about my attire which was always, hair pulled back, no hat, a button down dress shirt, pants, and dress shoes. So I changed my pants and danced that night while feeling the discrimination continue from Carolyn Denton. I didn’t realize that discrimination was contagious but I was also informed that this other person was banned from the night club because of what she was wearing which wasn’t any worse or revealing than what other women wore there. But I believe it was scapegoat by Rick Barab saying she made a racial slur to one of their bouncers. And that was the reason she was banned, her name was Tonya. I don’t know or recall her last name.

All this wasn’t even really a continuous thought or resentment with me until the final events that took place on March 3rd of 2013, Saturday night at Revolutions Night Club. I finally decided to visit Revolutions Night Club again since the last time which was about 2 months ago. I came down to Myrtle Beach to shop at North Myrtle Beach Flea Market because that flea market seems to help with my memory of the events that happened to me in 1987. I got to do a small bit of shopping and then contacted my friend Richard Hargrove who recently stepped down from his residency at the night club for a new hire that was spinning there which I wanted to hear and experience. Apparently Rick Barab didn’t want Richard to spin anymore and hired soemone new. I also had motives to talk to the manager who was very pleasant with me about doing more stage performance during this spring and summer as I was starting to do last year for Broadway at the Beach. But unfortunately he was out of town and wasn’t working at the club this night. Rick Barab was the head manager this night. I gave Richard Hargrove a ride to Broadway and we ate at King Kong Sushi and then went to club. Richard Hargrove escorted me upstairs to his office and then at this front desk they have in an atrium, I started to take up the opportunity to fill out an application for full employment for Revolutions Night Club but I was interrupted by Richard Hargrove. I wasn’t allowed to finish applying for employment and denied my right to do so by other events that took place later that night and the day after. I was told to leave because they were having an employee meeting which was before opening hours. But Richard said I could finish filling it out later. We walked down stairs and Richard quickly showed and explained to me about the renovations and the new lights which I was really excited to see in the near future. I left and strolled around Broadway at the Beach, did some shopping. I later changed some clothes and went in the club met some club associates and friends. I was having a very good time, hopeful to finish my application later as Richard said I could. I had 2 non-alcoholic drinks which were 1 Blu energy drink and a Voss water. I didn’t dance as much as I would have if my friend Richard Hargrove would have been the disc jockey this night. The dj was still good and I was enjoying the night. I was taking some pictures of the crowd here and there. Later I started showing one of my good friends that lives in Myrtle Beach a certain feature and pictures on my camera. I was on the dance floor holding out my camera near the stage in Revolutions showing my friend these pictures because I discovered that my camera can do continuous shooting and a neat way of viewing it by tilting the camera from left to right and vice a versa. As I was doing this Glen Denton was dancing in front of us having a good time and then to the left of my friend and I, Carolyn Denton enters the scene. She starts putting her hands on my camera while pushing me physically and accusing me of taking pictures of her. I immediately told her in assertive tone, “to get out my face; I wasn’t taking pictures of you but showing my friend this camera’s feature”. All of the sudden her husband Glen Denton violently lunges at me and grabs at me, at my wrist bracelets, and at my rings which I wear. I actually wear quite a bit of jewelry all the time. We were separated by Carolyn Denton and others that were present when this took place. I made a comment to him to go ahead and try to touch me again, as a threat that I was going to get the police involved. The bouncers and others came up to me asking what happened. Dj Richard Hargrove even came up to calm me down but I didn’t think that I was the one who needed calming down. Richard even told me later and the next day that Glen Denton was snapping at him when all this took place. I was later pulled to the back area of the club by a bouncer so he can see my camera and pictures, which I let him do. He made comment about what Rick Barab said about taking pictures and I couldn’t understand his complaint because I was never told not to. Carolyn Denton and Glen Denton have been taken pictures of me throughout the years I had been dancing there. He pointed out there was a picture of Glen Denton in one of my continuous shots. I was just photographing the crowd randomly to show my friend the camera’s feature.

So when he showed me the photo of Glen Denton, I complied to delete the photo but Glen Denton wasn’t the one complaining about me. Carolyn was the one who instigated the dramatic and violent upheaval at Revolutions. The night ended on a good note though, with me dancing and getting ready to drive home to Columbia. The next day I was inform by Richard Hargrove that Rick Barab said I am no longer allowed at Revolutions Night Club because of taking pictures. I honestly believe this is another scapegoat to the real reason of being banned from this night club: prejudice and discrimination based on my attire, my jewelry, my dancing, the fact that I don’t drink alcohol and my ethnic background. I also believe that my unfinished application for employment was discovered and blocked from me carrying out completion of it. My father fought for freedom in this country when he went to war in Korea and this is what his ethnic adult child is dealing with in the land of the free. I feel that I have been financially raped, hope destroyed, and pursuit of happiness denied. I really don’t know what this complaint is going to do for this injustice in a country that claims to be free, when all my freedoms have been denied constantly, discriminatory, and unjustly. I also believe that Myrtle Beach doesn’t want me to know the truth about what happened to me and others in 1987. The truth needs to be known and told. And this will be true freedom.

David Milton Duggan

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Justice was served. They are now closed down. Thank you God for your vengeance.

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Sorry…had to split the message because this is a substandard website to say the least. Since your girlfriend rejected you, you have a very low opinion of women as stated on your facebook page and was conveniently deleted before you made these accusations. I rejected you as a friend and that’s when the rants started about me. The club owners and the DJ were nothing but nice and accepting of you when you first came to the club, but as time progressed your weirdness just kept getting more obvious. After the DJ mentored you and graciously offered you a placed… Read more »
Let me start by saying I don’t care about the 80’s. It has nothing to do with what happened at Revolutions the night you were banned. It does, however, explain when you started to blame others for your actions. Anyone who KNOWS me, which you don’t, know I am feircely protective over my family and my friends. After seeing your comments and post on facebook, example. placing stretch wrap over your face and pictures of you pointing a gun after the Newtown shootings, I had serious concerns about the video you where taking of the people on the dance floor… Read more »
Keep this up David and that is what you will be doing after I file a slander suit on you. I have your application you filled out, I have lists of Eye Witnesses through "All " your actions with numerous customers and employees. I do the hire and fire at the club after numerous interviews and you never interviewed with me nor did I ever hire you as a DJ or any other position in the club. We have a dress code in the club with signs posted on the entrance doors. If you take the time to read it,… Read more »

In my own defense everything I stated in this complaint, is the truth and I will swear upon this in a court of law period. Thanks you.

I believe that these comments on David’s complaint have no validity and are untrue

David has plenty of experience in the Disc Jockey field and I honestly believe these people discriminated against him because he lives a clean a sober life

My name is RICHARD HARGROVE (DJ Rich) Iam the entertainment director for Revolutions Nightclub, first of all myself and RICK BARAB have shown kindness, and Welcome david into our family, All Clubs have a dress code, and a set of rules mainly for safety. Rick Barab or any of the owner had nothing to do with DAVID DUGGAN, I was the one who got david that job on the stage, because he was my friend at the time, RICK allow him to come in before doors open to the public, I was training him for a chance maybe a chance… Read more »

Get your facts straight David and grow up in the mean time. I refuse to even try to explain the chain of events that lead to your being banned from the club, but you have left soooomany important FACTS. Really, a 40 something year old man whining abiut this! Do you know what slander is?

If anyone has ever been to any of my clubs knows that David Duggan has never ever worked for me and never will. David I wish you the best of luck in your future.


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