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Last Updated On: July 13, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Corporate Address:
420 Montgomery St
San Francisco, California 94104 USA

Customer Service

Corp Email: corpcsf@wellsfargo.com
Company Contact: John G Stumpf - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.46 out of 5
Based On: 24 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 3

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $162,622.36
Average Reported Losses: $6,775.93

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I never saw that 100 dollars again.

I was making payments on the $500 dollars I owed… For some reason they took four hundred, but that last hundred they didn’t accept.

When I talked to Wells Fargo about it they said they couldn’t accept it, but tried to tell me they had given it back.

I never saw that 100 dollars again.

Then they use to text my phone telling me i was in overdraft. I thought they wasn’t suppose to do that. Then they use to call my phone all the time trying to tell me my card has over drafted.

I just want my money back for the credit card, because they shouldn’t be able to do that.

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At times I apply for credit cards that have a cash back appeal of other offer. So I applied for the Wells Fargo card and they denied me in doing so it reduced my credit score by 12 points there turn down reasoning too many cards recently applied for. Now I have since applied for another card with a similar offer and received it. If you don’t want to make an offer to entice people to get your card then don’t just to mess with people credit scores.

I applied for an account at San Fran Wells Fargo 6 months ago.
The guywho was signing me up had me enter my pin number. Then he held HIS computer
up and told me to enter my pin on his computer. He saw the number completely, and I never
put any of my $10,000 trust fund yearly $’s with the Bank.
. I closed my account after talking to 2 other Wells Fargo managers at different banks who couldn’t believe it. I’m happy at Golden 1 Bank now.

Sir for any troubles encountered at Wells Fargo you can contact our customers service at kahilkaram123@gmail.com
You will be taking care of.


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