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Last Updated On: July 3, 2017

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Business Name: Alliance Data Systems Corporation
Corporate Address:
7500 Dallas Parkway
Plano, Texas 75024 USA

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Comenity Bank Phone Number: 214-494-3000
Company Contact: Edward J Heffernan - President
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.12 out of 5
Based On: 160 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 243

Comenity Bank Reports

Reported Losses: $2,905,445.03
Average Reported Losses: $18,159.03

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Credit Card Fraud

I found today that there was a credit card issued under my name to Comenity Bank.

I don’t even know who these people are, and from what I have read there is no way to get a hold of them to report that a fraudulent card was issued.

They have reported this on my credit report and I don’t know what to do to get it off?

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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More About Comenity Bank

Comenity LLC, Comenity Capital Bank, Comenity Bank, Comenity Operating Co., LLC, and Comenity Servicing LLC

Comenity Bank
3100 Easton Square Place
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 888-428-8810
Phone: 614-729-4000
Fax: 614-755-3175

Comenity LLC
3100 Easton Square Place
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 614-729-4000
Fax: 614-755-3175
John J. Coane CEO

Comenity Capital Bank
2795 E. Cottonwood Parkway, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

ADS Alliance Data Systems, Inc

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I never applied for anything with this company however they are on my credit report as a hard inquiry I want this removed!


April 2017 – Filed for approval of small loan for dental work of approximately $1800 … payment plan offered by dentist… interest free if paid off within 12 months … was DECLINED by Comenity stating “susceptible of ID Fraud” … what a CROCK … I am debt free and pay ALL my bills on time … You’re living in a BUBBLE Comenity Bank!!! … Hopefully EVERYONE sees your organization for what it IS … a FARCE and a DISGRACE to the banking and credit system … NEVER, NEVER USE COMENITY BANK FOR YOUR BANKING NEEDS !!! This is the best… Read more »
I never received a Boscov’s bill last month, but when the bill came today attached to my $28.52 bill was a $26.00 late fee. That’s almost 100% in fees. I called and was told that since I have a late fee last June for the same reqason, they could not remove the fee…only one can be forgiven in 18 months. They blamed my mail and said I should speak yo my postmaster, and said I should have used their electronic billing. I have a cfredit score of 850 so I obviouly pay my bills on time when they come. I… Read more »

I paid my bill twice and the Comenity rejected my payments twice. I have the Williams Sonoma affiliated card.The bank dinged my credit score. I sent via registered mail my bank statements proving Comenity was at fault. They claim they did not get the materials and closed my case. I have never encountered a more inept and dishonest company. Williams Sonoma is now going to lose my business. I usually spend $3,000 per year with WS. How did a once quality company like WS ever associate with these morons.

i never got the card. i opened the card in victoria secret. they constantly call me in the morning 4am -7am. i think they r very disgusting. i did not open the card. they charge me 130 dollas. i said okay. but i did not open the card can i delete my account? they said can u pay ur payment? you cant even disguss with them! so protect ur ssn and never open an account in commendity bank!

Last year my 70 year old mom catalog order 70dollars and it’s ,200.00 she never received the items .


Your agent lied to me and never tried to follow up

I forgot to make my payment on time due my son being involved in a car accident, I do not answer anonymous calls or calls whose phone number I don’t recognize. They called my phone FOURTEEN times today. My understanding is that this is illegal. They finally texted me and then I figured out who was calling me all day. They never left a message. Once I get this bill paid up I will cancel these accounts. I will not do business with dishonest mean people. I don’t need anything that badly.

I feel the same way you do. I had a credit score of over 780 and I missed one payment due to an honest accident that I thought my bill had already been paid and they would call my cell phone with an automated person and I had no clue who this bank was because I never looked at my Women’s within card to see what bank it went through so I just thought it was a junk call. I couldn’t understand the robot so I would just hang up. In the meantime I got a email from Credit Karma… Read more »
Harry (since you insist) Johnson
Here is a letter asking me about my recent phone call. They asked me to take a survey and to click on the link. I clicked on the link and nothing happens. Long story short, I was calling to ask where to send a payment if your card is stolen and the new card has not arrived (so I have no credit card number) They told me to pay it at the store. The store would not take my payment and gave me a # to call. I called the number and they told me to send it the usual… Read more »

I just received a debit out of my checking account from Ceominity Bank. 8 charges to be exact. I DO NOT HAVE an account with this bank. They are debiting my checking account, not sure how they got my checking accounti number but they are using it.

Similar story. I mailed my first payment 8 days before it was due, and got a late charge. Before I noticed the late charge, I called to make a payment and was told it cost $9 to use the phone system. I look more closely at my bill and find a $27 late charge. (The total was $52.11, not a huge bill) and become furious. I cut up my card, mailed a check for the charges made and they are STILL HARASSING ME. Worst ever CC.

Since August 2016, they have been unble to adjust the billing date and charged my daughter late fees. She has autism. Just a way to steal from the disabled. Stay away from this bank and the accounts they manage,

First, let me say this complaint is not about the money. The amount in question is less than $100 – it’s about the situation. Here is my story November, 2016 – received a bill for around $70 for purchases I made at an Ann Taylor store – I (within a day or two) logged into the account to pay the bill since this is the ONLY credit card we have that does NOT have autopay. We pay all of the other credit cards off in full through autopay. I submitted a payment for the full balance. January, 2016 (1st week)… Read more »
I always doubted in the comments i see about hacking until i got introduced to Abraham Shaw who helped me with my credit score he is surely going to do a good job at an affordable price I was in some serious credit issues and he fixed it,he also does hacking of phones,emails,social media,taxes Upgrade University Grades, Hack Your School Grades, Hack Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype Spouse Phone, Hack Bank Accounts, Apps Hacking, MasterCard, Paypal, Bitcoin, WU, Money Gram with untraceable credit card i also referred him to a friend who he helped hack into her husbands whatapp now… Read more »
This is a complaint but it is also a compliment. Short version – I spoke with a customer service person about a service charge that was accrued in error and she agreed to cut the charge in half which I was fine with. However, when the next bill came they added ANOTHER SERVICE CHARGE in addition to the amount they cut in half. I called customer service and they said there was nothing they could do . I asked to escalate and two supervisors later all I go was “you’ll have to write a letter to headquarters”. Angry and frustrated,… Read more »

I accidentally scheduled a payment of $2000.00 on a zero balance account for Loft and after 22 days I still have not received my money back. this is the company that owns Comenity Bank and it is a dirty secret that they are not boasting about. I use to write SEC reports for a good company so I learned how the bad ones hide the associations they are not proud of. Lets cut to the chase go to this company and click on financials and then on SEC pick one of the annual reports and open in whatever format you choose. If you pick pdf then you can use the find feature and put in Comenity and you will find they are in big trouble… Read more »
I accepted a HSN card for the credit of $20 on a current purchase. I didn’t put the $21.50 purchase on the card I gave them my debit card information as I always do. I get a statement in the mail saying I owe $21.50 so I go online to pay no way I have a debit card only and they only take payments for a checking account which I don’t have. After 2 days of being run around I finally pay the bill over the phone for a $9.00 fee for talking to a real person. Thinking I cut… Read more »

I HATE PIER 1 / COMENITY BANK! Once again did NOT get my paper bill in the mail so I just paid $35.00 in late fees for one freaking month and it was on a $25.00 purchase!!!! I have a credit score OVER 800 on every credit report and having this card is a waste of TIME and MONEY! Everyone should CLOSE their account with these piddly little stores and just stick to one VISA and keep track of that. The discount up front DID not cover the later fees I just got screwed with.

I am also getting screwed by comenity bank ulta Beauty card I have not gotten anywhere with any representatives just the run around. I have been working on my credit score and this bank alone has hurt me signifiantly also I make more than minimum sometimes 2 in a month and Im charged late fees and also returned payments saying I myself have revoked my payment why wolds I make a payment and turn around and revoke this payment everytime I make a payment. Im so glad maurices dropped comenity and went with Capital one not had one problem with… Read more »
I have had 2 comenity credit cards for a very long time, one with Express and one with New York and Company. I have an excellent payment history with them and have had no complaints until now. My payment for NYC is due on the 2nd and my Express payment is due on the 3rd, but I always pay them both as soon as I get paid on the 1st. Today I checked my account and saw that my express payment posted, but the NYC one did not. So I called in and explained to the man who took my… Read more »
I opened a store card with Comenity bank and it was a huge mistake. I never received my bill in the mail and paid my balance late by 2 days. I was then charged a $25 late fee. I then received a statement the following month with a balance of $51 dollars in late fees because I was late by 2 days. I called them and they won’t make any adjustments. I therefore have to pay $51 of late fees because i was late by 2 days. I just cut the card up. I will never use any card affiliated… Read more »

When they had to send me card twice I should have known they were SHADY!

Lilia Villalobos Lizarraga

I have never had a credit card with them and now they say that I owed them $1600 and also the credit score has been damaged due to they say I haven’t made a payment I never received any statements I should have received a statement if had a cc with them.

You’re scammed. You need help to fix your identity theft.


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