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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: Alliance Data Systems Corporation
Corporate Address:
7500 Dallas Parkway
Plano, Texas 75024 USA

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Phone Number: 214-494-3000
Company Contact: Edward J Heffernan - President
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Average Rating: 1.12 out of 5
Based On: 161 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 285

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $2,906,195.03
Average Reported Losses: $18,050.90

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Comenity Bank runs credit checks without your permission or request

I have three cards with comentity bank, I follow my credit report religiously!

They run credit reports when you do not ask them to. Thereby messing up your credit history and lowering your available credit without your request and or knowledge.

Which also messes up your credit report!

I am struggling with them to get these items fixed!

I am not behind on my payments at all, so there was no reason for them to do this on a simple whim!

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More About Comenity Bank

Comenity LLC, Comenity Capital Bank, Comenity Bank, Comenity Operating Co., LLC, and Comenity Servicing LLC

Comenity Bank
3100 Easton Square Place
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 888-428-8810
Phone: 614-729-4000
Fax: 614-755-3175

Comenity LLC
3100 Easton Square Place
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 614-729-4000
Fax: 614-755-3175
John J. Coane CEO

Comenity Capital Bank
2795 E. Cottonwood Parkway, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

ADS Alliance Data Systems, Inc


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I have had nothing but problems with Comenity Bank and their Ulta credit card. The late fees are every month. Even if you get your payment in on time, it’s not posted to your account until such and such a date after or before such and such a time. So late fee. They’re very big on this excuse! If you call them on date and time specified by them, it’s a different time so late fee again. Today I called them because I have not received a statement and my payment is due in 4 days. My statement date is… Read more »

These people will not stop calling me, at least 3 times a day…every single day. I have no association with this out fit what so ever




I guess I am going to have to get a lawyer.since I am being billed every month for something I have already paid for and have not shop at Buckles clothing unless you want your credit ruined

if you have good credit and don’t want it ruined.THEN DON’T SHOP AT credit was because of them it is 600.i have never my whole life bought 1pair of bluejeans/1pair of capri pants and have them tell me I did not pay.i have my bank statement/receipts of where I paid it off with cash.spread the word,it is no joke.if you don’t want your good credit ruined,DO NOT SHOP AT BUCKLES

Buckle clothing store, bought 1bluejean/1capri pants.put on buckle card.went back paid $78.00 on my debit card and have bank statement.went back the next week paid off the full amount, $ $20.00 $195.00. they started sending me bills which total $167.00. I mailed in 4 copies of my bank statement/receipts where I had paid cash/paid off the bill.i explained I am not paying twice. which would be $362.00. I know the stuff is high, but I would be insane to pay that amount for 1bluejean/1capri pant.

Comenity bank started calling me two days before Christmas several times every ten minutes for a store card I never had. They told me I owed them thousands of dollars. Can anyone point me to an attorney?

spread the word and make it viral.tell everyone not to shop at buckle.they donot know how to run a business/company.they ruin everyones credit.

Unable to make online payment
Comenity Bank is the credit company for HSN (Home Shopping Network). Having an HSN Comenity Bank account for years, I have never needed to update any information on my account such as phone numbers. They had same numbers (2) for years. Ive paid my account online for years. Suddenly (November, 2017) I can log into my account but cant make a payment to my account. Saw little red flag beside profile. Phone number needed to be confirmed, updated, and/or added. When I went to change PN it asks you to put your password in again to make update even though… Read more »
In March 2017 I was shopping in Williams Sonoma box store and they offered me a store discount if I would apply for a Williams Sonoma Card. It turned out that the card came from Comenity Bank. So I accepted the clerk’s suggestion – and received a discount. They sent a bill to my home and I paid the bill for the products purchased in full. When I saw the card and the package it came with I realized using my bank credit card was a much better deal. So I never called and activated the Williams Sonoma card that… Read more »

overcharging fees!!!! they enjoy tacking on as many fees as they can making it impossible to pay down the debt!!

they are scammers. try to extort money from you

I have been paying a rate of 17.99 for the last year. Never late. I am in need of more dental work and wanted to use this card. I called to make sure of the interest rate etc. The rep. told me I would have a separate payment each month. One for the original charge and one for the new one. My statement shows I have 980.00 available credit . I asked why I couldnt just add it to the balance I already have and he said ” It will add to that balance ” but it will show separate… Read more »

Unable to use the card ????

We need to fill a class action law suit against Comenity Bank. There are hundreds of thousands of complaints against them. They believe they are above the law. My experience with them has been horrific. Comenity Bank has literally released my personal financial information to family members despite their names NOT being anywhere on any account. I’ve signed up for life lock to prevent them from gaining access to my accounts without my permission. The only answer here is a class action lawsuit. There are already several that are in place for different reasons. So they are clearly repeat offenders.


I’m in. They ran a credit report without my knowledge on a card I’ve had for a year

go to the federal trade commission and write a complaint.they have been billing me for 8 months for something that I can prove I paid for.make it viral/tell everyone not to shop at buckles

I’m with You!

I was contacted by a comenity rep today regarding my GameStop card. I informed the rep that I lived in Puerto Rico and We just endured 2 hurricanes and have no electricity. I couldn’t make payment. I asked her if she ate today because it sucks when you have no food because of a hurricane. She told me that was irrelevant and that she did eat because she works for a living. This broke my heart that someone could say this to someone else.

I am so so sorry they did that.i have spoken with them several times over me being billed for something I already paid for.and every one of them are cold.that is what “their” money does to them.hope your doing better.

My wife has a store credit card issued by Comenity Bank. She was hospitalized several times in our hometown and out of town since the winter. Of course bills piled up. I found bills to be paid that she had and attempted to pay them. The reps were antagonistic and refused to help. Sure, they took my payment with a blink of an eye. Late fees piled up, too. One would think that when verified (if asked to do so), out of understanding and courtesy, these robotic customer “dis-service” reps in Kansas, AND their STUPIDvisors would be more than willing… Read more »
Elizbeth Moore-Nichter

I filed a dispute on a charge where the vendor told me that they would not deny. that has been over a month ago and Commentiy has issued a provisional credit however will not refund as of yet. They are dragging their feets and I need this money as it is over $3K….No one can give me an answer. Ready to contact CEO Ed Hefferman.

I provided Commentiy with the email from the vendor asking that I dispute the charge so it could be refunded to me as services were not provided as per contract.

I have tried to pay my account on line to no avail. this is the most frustrating situation I have ever had

they don’t want you to pay,that way they get more money because your bill goes higher and higher.good luck.tell everyone not to shop at buckles, they ruin your credit

I have the ann taylor credit card. Supposedly they received my payment 1 day late and charged me a 34.00 late fee and an additional 1.45 in interest, when I called to discuss this, I got a rep on the phone who said they would remove the charge and also sent me a gift card to apologize for the inconvenience. The next month the charge was not removed and more interest was applied. I spoke with a supervisor who said the rep had no authority to do this and there were no notes, but there was a note on the… Read more »

Due to some unforeseen auto expenses I had to pay my Comenity related Ann Taylor bill a few days late. They don’t leave messages but call you incessantly nearly 20 times a day. Even after I spoke to them and arranged payment for two days later they continued to call. Bastards and hateful service.

I have 2 complaints with them… My first is that they wanted to make my payments WITH interest for 2 months before I even got my dental work done! My 2nd is that I make a very early payment as I needed to know what my bank account balance was. They would NOT accept and early payment and now want a double payment as well as a late fee!! BS!! So, instead of being glad that I am made my payment, they said I paid too early and want a double payment and late fees this month! UNBELIEVABLE!!

what?!!unbelievable!who do these people think they are??contact federal trade commission and file a complaint. then contact state attorney general.I have had trouble with them for 8 months. they want money that I have already add interest every month.

Just adding to the complaints. I have suffered the same complaints. Such as the credit monitoring, and the increases I didn’t apply for. So yes like 80% of us I don’t read the fine CC print except for the APR related stuff. My payment is due the 17th. I send it via my online bill pay…they charge the same day if my payment has not been made. My fault. I did not read the fine print but clearly my monthly payment history shows I make a payment the 17th through the 19th every month! What kind of hubris greed causes… Read more »

contact/file a complant to state attorney general/and /consumer protection division.tell everyone

Refund check stopped.


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