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Last Updated On: December 26, 2017

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Business Name: Barclays Bank PLC
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1 Churchill Place
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Phone Number: 888-710-8756
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My complaint is about the method that Barclays Bank use when a scam has been operated from one of their account holders. My daughter has just been scammed out of her house deposit at Barclays Bank in Leicester and has lost thousands of pounds. We realised something was wrong on the day and notified Barclays Fraud section and received an email back stating that they had located the funds and they would be repaid in 3 days.

After waiting the 3 days and hearing nothing we contacted the bank and they informed us that the funds have gone and they can do nothing about it. They have offered £50.00 compensation without admitting liability and insisting on a gagging order being signed which to me is just rubbing salt into a very deep wound. After spending hours talking to different departments we cannot get a single answer to any questions and they hide behind the Data Protection Act as the reason for refusing to give any answers.

The data protection act I am sure was never intended to protect criminals so why do they use this as the reason. For all I know the money could still be in the banks pocket and there is no way I can find out. I understand that these scams have been operating at Barclays in Leicester for a few years so it makes me wonder who is behind it all as the Bank do not seem to be bothered at all.

A crime has been committed and I cannot even report it at the local police station because I do not have the name of the criminal I have to report it to the Action Fraud department which I think I can confidently say means that nothing will be done except it will be added to the statistics but no further action. I am extremely angry with Barclays attitude as they do not even want to talk to you let alone help in any way, I consider that Barclays should be held responsible for allowing bogus account holders to open accounts for scams as they are obviously not checking the applications correctly, they will even accept a foreign driving licence as proof of id even though no member of staff can read it.

The security at the bank system seems so poor they are perming due diligence to the public and should be held to account. If the think that I will accept their offer they can think again and I will spend the rest of my days shouting from rooftops if necessary DO NOT USE BARCLAYS BANK.

Barclays Bank Plc – Leicester


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