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When it comes to our children, we want everything to be perfect, safe, and secure. We want products to be safe, services to be professional, and clothes to fit well without preventing movement or becoming a hazard to the child. When it comes to babies, we expect a lot out of the companies that produce products, clothing, and accessories for babies. That is because the babies themselves have little control over how a product affects them, so the product we buy plays a big role.

If you buy an outfit for your baby you want the outfit to fit securely to the baby so that nothing can get caught and choke the baby but at the same time the outfit has to allow for freedom of movement as well. Anything that can be a potential choking hazard should be avoided on baby clothes as well. If there are buttons on the outfit, they should be sewn on tightly or avoided all together. Clothes should be safe for babies to wear and durable as well. Since baby clothes require a lot of time being laundered you want baby clothes that can stand being washed repeatedly without wearing thin. Even baby clothes can become expensive if you’ve constantly had to replace clothing that falls apart in the wash.

Baby accessories are also a point of concern. There are many products we rely on to hold babies safe and secure when our attention can’t be on them all the time. Perhaps you have a high chair or rocker that isn’t carefully balanced so if a baby leans too far to the side the highchair topples over. Or perhaps it doesn’t lock on securely and you’re baby has fallen out of the chair more than once. There may even be little pieces of metal or sharp plastic that the baby has cut itself on as you put the baby in or take them out of the high chair.

Many baby accessories are things you put around your home in order to “baby proof” the house to eliminate or mitigate dangers to the baby. If you’ve bought caps to put over doorknobs, did they work efficiently at keeping the baby out? Did the baby gate create enough pressure between the walls or doorframe that the baby was unable to get into an area you needed them to stay out of? If you bought a stove guard to prevent baby from reaching the hot stove did it keep their hands away or were they able to pull the guard off?

There are many products designed specifically for baby hygiene needs as well. The products are designed to take help clean a baby while being light enough to not overly dry or hurt a baby’s delicate skin. If your baby has sensitive skin to begin with you may struggle with different baby products to find one that works best for your baby. You may or may not find a product your pediatrician recommends useful. So if you bought a free and clear shampoo or detergent did it help get your baby or clothes clean while providing the quality of the other cleaning products? Did you pay just as much for a free and clear product that didn’t clean your clothes at all?

In the realm of baby accessories falls a number of baby furniture. Perhaps you have a crib that looked sturdy but the baby was able to kick and splinter the thin wood. Or perhaps the metal support of the crib gave out and the baby mattress fell or sits at an angle. Baby accessories have been found to present a number of safety issues, it is not uncommon to hear or baby products that have been recalled for one issue or another. Even baby toys have been recalled when it was found that the paint contained lead.

If you have a baby accessory or clothing complaint please share them with us here at Keeping baby’s safe and healthy is very important and your complaint can help other wary parents from products that may be a danger to their baby.

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