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Last Updated On: November 14, 2017

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Business Name: Speedy Tire and Service Alabama
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3149 Pelham Pky
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Is Speedy Tire & Service a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

$100 Estimate, Actually $887

I had a very dishonest experience with Speedy Tire and Service on Lakeshore Pkwy Center in Birmingham AL in May and have been attempting to rectify this bad experience with no luck since.

First on May 3, 2016, I was quoted “about $100” after dropping off my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee – which just had a new radiator, hoses, connectors and coolant installed on March 14 in Chattanooga TN where I live.

When I arrived back at the center from golfing the charge was $887! Then when my fiancée tried to give them my MC account info over the phone (again I had left and gone golfing), the manager, Terry Lewis, refused it. This left us with no funds for our monthly obligations plus he got very abusive with my fiancée and hung up when she said his explanation made it sound crooked after she tried to explain our situation and that she didn’t understand how the charge could be so high from the estimate given.

Note: only when I arrived to pick up my vehicle did I get the estimate total (listed at approx $888). Had I been warned of this I would not have given the go ahead given our financial situation. And by refusing to take our MC over the phone the manager has made a bad situation much worse.

I just find it unsettling that the Goodyear company name is everywhere from signs outside – to the phone number ID – yet Goodyear does not stand behind the dealership when they are cheating innocent people.

As I said in my many emails to Goodyear and the service center, I’m not sure if Mr. Lewis thought since I was in baseball that I had money to burn – or if he was verbally abusive to my fiancée because we are a mixed race couple – but whatever the reason, this entire experience was uncalled for and very unprofessional.

I returned to Speedy’s to discuss the situation a week later – it took that long for Mr Lewis to contact me. I was immediately attacked with a defensive and abusive verbal attack by Mr Lewis. When I asked why the mega high labor was not estimated for me – Mr. Lewis indicated that he never includes labor because “you never know how long something may take”.

This experience can be summed up by simply saying I left my vehicle in good faith to be fixed for “about $100” then later was told they needed to fix the fan – but no mention of labor costs. How and why provide an estimate if it does not include something as obviously mega costly as labor? Not even a hint was given to me – because my vehicle was driveable unless sitting in traffic (which I rarely am). Had I been made aware of this shady situation I would have waited until I was back to Chattanooga and to my honest mechanic but, as it was being told “about $100”, I thought it was a reasonable estimate.

FYI – My mechanic in Chattanooga said every service center has computer software that gives an estimate of time and labor costs for each repair. So yet another lie by Terry Lewis, the manager.


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