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Last Updated On: September 12, 2017

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Business Name: Safelite Group, Inc.
Corporate Address:
2400 Farmers Dr
Columbus, Ohio 43235 USA

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Phone Number: 866-212-5457
Company Contact: Thomas M Feeney - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $711.00
Average Reported Losses: $118.50

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Horrific Quality, Poor Replacements, Rude Customer Service

HORRIFIC QUALITY, POOR REPLACEMNTS, RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE. That captures my experiences with Safelite. June 26, 2017, a rock flew up and cracked the windshield of my 2015 Lincoln MKX.

I called around various windshield replacement companies and did not file the claim through my auto insurance.

While speaking with Safelite, I specifically asked, “Will this look the same as my existing windshield?” I was told, “You will not be able to tell a difference.” With that assurance, I decided to have Safelite come to my home and repair my windshield.

The technician showed up and I said, “I want to make sure. You have a windshield with rain sensors and will look like my existing windshield.” He told me that he did not have the right windshield and doubled checked his truck. He said he would have to call the shop and see about rescheduling.

While on the phone, he turned and walked away so that I could not hear his conversation. Five minutes later, he returned and said that he had a windshield that “would work.” I told him I did not want a windshield that “would work.” I wanted a quality windshield. He continued to assure me.

Twenty minutes later, I came out to look at the finished product and found a half inch rubber stripping around the sides and top of the windshield, which was not there before. The stripping stuck up on top, it was torn on the passenger side, and the corners of the windshield itself protruded from the frame of the car.

The Lincoln MKX is flush with the framing of the vehicle, with a very thin stripping of rubber at the top. I pointed this out and the technician said he would work on it.

I went inside and waited.

When he did not knock on my door, I came out to find the technician had left.

I called their “Executive Services” team who set up an appointment for the following week for ME to drive to their location, despite paying for delivery and disposal, forcing me to take a half day off work. Since Safelite had my money, I had no other choice but to agree.

When I got into the car later that day, the inside molding was not even completely attached.

I took my car to the Lincoln dealership where I purchased it and asked one of their sales gentlemen to look at my car and tell me if he saw anything wrong with it. (I did not point out the windshield). He said, “What is wrong with your windshield.” He, like I, realized that the windshield did not look aesthetically the same as the MKX.

I showed up at the Norcross, GA, shop and an older technician, asked me what was wrong with the window. I tried explaining (as I have in this narrative) and he interrupted me.

He told me he has been in the windshield business for 20 years and there is nothing wrong with my windshield. He was rude, disrespectful, and literally mimicked me in front of other Safelite workers.

Finally, the manager came over and introduced himself. Although he was not directly rude, he dismissed my concerns. Furthermore, he went outside to compare HIS Ford Edge to MY Lincoln MKX and said there was no difference. Any aesthetic differences were in my head. I tried explaining my concerns and he too dismissed what I was saying. I realized, I had no options and just left.

Later that week, I returned to the Lincoln dealership and asked to speak with their service and parts department. A technician came out and noticed the poor quality of the windshield and even pointed out where the rubber stripping is NOW beginning to bubble at the top. He stated that the windshield “for the most part” fits, but it is “not the same quality glass, nor is it aesthetically the same” as the Lincoln MKX. He went on to say that Safelite uses “crap glass.”

I returned home and called Safelite. I spoke to a woman by the name of Laura at the Executive Services department. She listened to me. She apologized for my frustrations. She went on to say that Safelite uses a substitute glass, not the OEM/manufacturer’s glass. Such a thing has to be requested.

Also, if you file under your insurance, they use the knock-off. I explained I was not filing under my insurance, and she realized at that point that I had not been given what I had originally requested.

Her response was that she would get the shop (the same one that treated me poorly) on the phone. There would be an additional charge for the correct windshield. Since they had actually put a windshield on, albeit the wrong one, she could not refund me my money. I, however, would have to pay MORE money to Safelite in order to get my car back to the same aesthetic state.

I asked how much and she said it would be “a lot more.” Someone at the shop looked up the price of the windshield in the computer but would not tell me the price. She said she had to ask the manager first.

An hour later the manager called me back but would not leave the price in a voice mail. This is the gentleman who dismissed me while I was at the shop. Frankly, I am not giving Safelite any more money. I want my money returned. Safelite has a “Craftmanship guarantee,” and there is no craftmanship in the quality of windshield or the aesthetics on how it looks.

I have been treated with disrespect. I have had to take an additional half day off of work. I have been made fun of by an auto technician in front of a shop full of workers. I have been treated as if I cannot see what is obvious.

I am disgusted with Safelite.

Pay the $120 extra and take your car to your dealership service department.


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Absolutely the worst!! Ruined my interior from water leaking in after a rear window replacement and blamed it on anything except themselves. Screw me once, shame on you. You will never get another chance!


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