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Last Updated On: June 5, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: O'Reilly Automotive Inc
Corporate Address:
233 South Patterson Ave
Springfield, Missouri 65802 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 888-327-7153
Company Contact: Gregory L Henslee - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.67 out of 5
Based On: 12 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 13

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $4,373.83
Average Reported Losses: $364.49

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Swept under the rug

My brake lights were constantly on and i was told I needed a break light switch. An easy fix. I went to O’Reillys and was sold a switch for a Honda, my vehicle is a Hyundai. I specifically asked of this part would still work, the associate said “this part is universal.” Trusting these so called “professionals” I bought the part and installed it.

Mind you, this part is as easy to install as it is to plug your phone into a wall. Had I known it would’ve caused so much damage and then to not have it addressed and the company to sweep me under the rug like I don’t matter, I would never have stepped foot in the store; quite frankly i never will again.

3 days after installing this switch my front brakes locked up, causing the brake fluid to boil and that in turn messed up my master cylinder, flex hoses, calipers, pads, and rotors. My hub caps even melted to my tires. I had to have my car towed to a mechanic.

After basically getting a new brake assembly, the brakes were still locking up on my mechanic so upon further inspection he discovered that it was the brake light switch that caused the damage. It was 3-5 millimeters too thick and caused my car to drive with the brakes engaged at all times.

So after getting a report from the mechanic. I went back to the oreillys store where I bought the part and discovered it was the assistant manager that sold me the part. I explained everything that happened, he remembered selling me the part, I reached out to the manager above him and took steps to contact corporate. I was then put in contact with the district manager and between him and a corporate associate and explained my story yet again.

After a few weeks of not hearing anything back from corporate. I sent a certified letter saying if they were unwilling to reimburse me for everything I spent trying to fix their mistake I was threatening news coverage and a lawsuit because had my brakes locked up on the highway it easily could’ve costed my life or someone else’s.

After months of wait and not hearing anything back, I began calling everyday trying to get in contact with the managers I spoke to that were handling my case. I was then transferred to representative after representative to almost no avail. The frustration of trying to reach anyone in the company was outrageous. Only to be told that they had denied my case and considered it closed.

O’Reillys did not once reach out to me with any news about my case or even to tell me that they refuse to reimburse me. I feel strongly that O’Reillys as a company does not care about their customers as long as they don’t lose money.

I trusted these people to not only sell me the correct part and to be the professionals they claim to be but also to handle my case and treat me with dignity.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Location in above complaint – 2508 French Ave Sanford Florida | 407-585-8802

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A very faithful, but unhappy O-Riley customer. My business is located only a few blocks away from the Antioch IL store on HWY 173. Lots of parts, friendly knowledgeable store clerks and convenience – Why Not shop here? Good question but following an incident involving the store’s Manager, on May 27 I will never shop here AGAIN. At 9:00 AM on that date, my wife & I drove in to pay the balance on my account to Bob, the store’s manager. As it happened, There was only one other customer in the store, who was having trouble getting his charge… Read more »
I bought an ignition control module for an old Buick Skylark from O’reily for $100 a few years ago. After a month it went bad. I went to get it replaced and they said they had no record of my purchase. Stupidly, I bought another from them because I needed my car and couldn’t get to a better auto parts store a few miles away. A few months later, that module went bad. I had lost the receipts and I got the same story. “We have no record of your purchase in our computer”. This was their store in Brunswick,… Read more »
Bought a bottle of wheel cleaner for $4.99 on sale, came home after 2 tires it starts coming out 5x’s as fast, took back, some rude guy names Jeff acted like is was running a scam on returning in 1/2 empty bottles .. tried to explain, he said not sure i can take back a 1/2 empty bottle???? Seriously??? I drove 16 miles round trip in a BMW, Really think i’m running a scam. Gas cost more than the bottle, I just wanted my exchange so I could put it on my tires.. OMG! I left my 1/2 bottle and… Read more »

What is with their web site ?

It looks like the web in the 80’s.

I entered "brake controller" and it said it didn’t have any.

WTF ??

WOW, if this truly happened im so sorry, we prefer them to be in the box, so when we return them to our dc the store gets its credit with out any discrepancy, this is only what is peered! but if you don’t have it its ok they should of excepted them from you, they could of placed a tag on them noting the part # not that it would make a deference to you . if I may let me explain why we prefer it, as you know Oreilly’s has many stores, we have to return them to our… Read more »

O M G. If this example of Ed l.’s English skills is any indication, it’s a wonder the store is even open! Surely they don’t make people without 3rd grade skills into a “Store MGR”. . .

Go anywhere but Oreilly auto parts in oklahoma. At the newcastle store you will find rude managers who dont give a crap about their employees. They have lost some good employees because of the management.

bad heater core and now they tell me i they wont cover the $405 for labor i had the buick dealer charge me to install it

They are never supposed to cover labor. Labor is at your cost regardless of how it goes. Only way any body is covered under warranty labor is if they had given you a warranty on labor. Oreilly is not responsible. What is your point here?

WRONG. Labor claims ARE paid (and replacement parts) for reputable installer ‘Partners’ when a defective part fails within warranty. If you had the Buick Dealer do the work, you have an invoice.

I was in the East Little Creek, Norfolk VA O’Riley Auto parts store when I witnessed a sales associate Bernie being rude to a customer. Not only that he was discussing another employee with another employee in front of everyone. I found this to be rude and disrespectful. I personally don’t need to hear the store gossip and I’m sure no one else does either. The employee he was talking about seemed to be the only one assisting everyone the best he could. I feel that customer service training would benefit the employees on how they handle other customers and… Read more »

My gosh man, just go to auto zone. LOL All the energy you are wasting, when you could be using it to install your new part.

Auto zone has a list a mile long with problems. What are you talking about? Brake pads squeek all the time and they NEVER want to accept the returns for the,


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