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Last Updated On: January 29, 2017

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Business Name: Danny’s Car Care
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2524 Chimney Rock Rd
Houston, Texas 77056 USA

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Phone Number: 713-782-2671


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I was referred to a mechanic, Mohammed at Danny’s Car Care, about a year and a half ago, This referral was from a former friend of 25 years. I did business with no problems, until this incident.

In April 2012, I went to Mohammed with a “clicking” noise when I turned my car. He stated it was the ball joint. His other mechanic, I don’t know his name, suggested I bring it in on Monday and assured me it would not be a problem til then. Saturday around 3:30 PM, my car collapsed on Westheimer near Beltway 8, in Carillion West Shopping Center.

I took it back to Mohammed who went to work on finding me parts to fix my car. He gave me a beat up loaner car. I called him 4 or 5 times in two days, to find the cost of the job for fixing my problem. I never got an amount it would cost. Then, after two or three days, he said my car was ready. I had brought a ball joint assembly from N. Shepherd, at a store he recommended. When I got there, he said he couldn’t use it and needed to buy another one, but he already talked to them and they had already got authorization from him to use this part?

Then, my former friend, Howard Lee Adler, called my father, Samuel David Arnspiger, at work and started making personal references to my being a “thief” and harassed a 84 year old man into having anxiety and possible heart attack, right on the sales floor at Russell and Smith Ford, near Reliant Center.

Then, about two and a half weeks ago, he showed up at my sister’s house. Her name is Allison Arnspiger-Bailey and her residence is at 6042 Crab Orchard. He gave her a bill from Danny’s Car Care, knowing full well where I live and having the ability to deliver it to my house. These two incidences are only forms of harassment and this leads me to believe Mr. Adler is getting unauthorized kickbacks in cash from Danny’s Car Care. Why would he care about my bills, unless he was getting paid for collection?

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

Chris Arnspiger

Danny’s Car Care
Chimney Rock Road
Houston TX

Official Responses from Danny’s Auto Services

By: Mohammad Abdel - Hadi On: February 26, 2013

Chris Arnspiger 909 Silber Road Houston , Texas 77024 , phone # 713 530 0138 . Came in for service on his 2000 Lincoln Town Car , Millage 159600 , license plate Texas # LHS943 . Chris brought in his car on tow a truck . The right lower control arm was broke . We replaced it and upper control arm also and lower ball joints for a discounted total of $ 626.76 . We also gave Chris a car to drive free while his car was being repaired for 3 days . Chris came in to pick up his car , we were busy and he drove off with out paying for services rendered . Chris committed Theft of service .

Mohammad / owner 713 782 2671

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Christopher David Arnspiger , committed theft of service for $626.76 . Christopher David Arnspiger came to pick up his car after a 3 day repair and drove off without paying for the repair , invoice # 32990 . Mr. Arnspiger resides at 909 Silber Rd. apt # 32 Houston , Tx. 77024 , phone 713 530 0138 .

Mohammad Abdel-Hadi / owner Danny’s Auto Service , phone 713 782 2671 * 13 years no complaints BBB *
2425 Chiminey Rock , Houston , Tx. 77056

Please call me at 713 782 2671 concerning Cris Arnspiger theft of services .

Mohammad Abdel-Hadi / owner Danny’s Auto Service 13 years no complaint


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