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Unless you live in one of the few American cities with great public transportation systems, having a car is a way of life. This country is vast and spread out, and that makes for great road trips. But the downside is that we have become completely dependent on cars. If you live in a suburban or rural area, there is no way to avoid owning some kind of vehicle. With regular maintenance, most newer cars will run reliably for years. But the reality is that eventually, even the best cars and trucks will need parts replaced or repaired.

Like computers, cars are complicated machines that require specialized knowledge to fix. Making the wrong decision can create permanent damage to the vehicle and significantly affect your safety. Americans spend thousands of dollars a year on auto repair, and most average people do not have an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of cars. That is why we have no choice but to trust a mechanic. It’s never a pleasant experience to take your car to the shop, but we do, hoping the mechanic will know what to do and charge a fair price.

Auto repair shops are also infamous alarmists. When you bring your vehicle in, they often tell you that there is a much bigger problem than you anticipated. If you let this go unchecked, it could be a threat to your safety, your life, your family’s lives. Sometimes they might even try to tell you that legally, they cannot let you leave the shop with your car in this condition.

Well, if that was always true, this website would not exist. The truth is, mechanics are notorious for over-charging and taking advantage of consumers with little knowledge of cars. They might tell you they have to order parts. If you have a foreign car, those parts may have to come from far away. Do you know the market price for a new radiator? Turn signals? Ball joints? Tie rods? No, of course not. If you did, chances are you wouldn’t be taking your car to a professional. You’d be fixing it yourself.

The truth is, car dealers and mechanics aren’t interested in getting you the best bargain. They are interested in getting your car out of the shop and getting the next one in. Time is money, as they say. Individuals who know about car repair have a few tricks up their sleeves. One trick is keeping a “stockpile” of parts so they’ll be prepared when things go wrong. They scour junkyards for valuable parts that are often left on discarded vehicles. And they constantly use one of the best resources for auto parts in the 21st century: auction websites. These tricks can keep the cost of car repairs down, but they take a great deal of time and effort. And auto shops can’t afford that much time.

How do you know they are charging you the right price? How do you know the parts are brand new? And once the repair is done, how can you be sure it was done correctly? If the problem persists, you’re in a tough spot, and there is not much you can do. Of course, there is always the option of taking a less-than-reputable mechanic to court. But that takes time, money and effort that you may not be able to afford. In the end, any money you are rewarded may not even cover the cost of the repair in the first place. It’s an awful situation to be in.

That’s why we at ComplaintsList are the voice of thousands of individuals who have fallen victim to car repair rip-offs. We want to hear about your experiences. Who should be avoided? What problems have you experienced? Get the word out there and save your fellow consumers from the same fate.

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