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Last Updated On: April 24, 2016

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Leaking Grease From Door Panels

I purchased a NEW 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid from Chapman Hyundai in Scottsdale, Az., in August.( Scottsdale is 200+ miles from where I live, but that is where the best price was). By September I had discovered that there was grease leaking out of the drain holes in the bottom of each door. The grease leaks down onto the door sills and when my wife gets out of the car the grease transfers to the back of her leg and pants.

Contacted the nearest dealer (Martin Swanty in Kingman, Az.), had to wait a week for an appointment. Took the car in and looked at it and said that they had cleaned the grease out and that we should not have any more problem.

Within two days I had to call the service manager back and tell him that the grease was still coming out and that my wife had gotten it on her leg again. I was told by the service manager, ” what, do think that I am a miracle worker”. I then set up an appointment with a Hyundai area service rep., and sent an e-mail to Hyundai Corp. After meeting with the service Rep., He said that he did not know what was causing the problem and would have to check with the engineers and get back to me (still waiting on that one). the rep at that time offered me a couple of oil changes for my troubles. the mileage on my car indicated that it was close enough to take advantage of one of them.

With the service manager and the factory rep and I present, we had a very pointed discussion on the proper oil to be used in the car. Since it was a hybrid, and my two previous hybrids, I have only used full synthetic oils 0-20w. I was told by the Factory rep that the proper oil for the 2013, was 5-20w. The next day when I looked at the invoice I noticed that it showed that 10-30w bulk oil was installed. I called the service manager and he “said that he caught the error and had corrected his copy of the invoice and that he had installed the proper oil in my car”. (YEA RIGHT).

I called Hyundai in California and complained to them and was told by this rep that she would contact the service manager and get back to me. In the mean time the E-mail that I had sent to them had came back and what it said was “they did not know what was causing the grease leak and for me to take the car back to the dealer and that they have to rely on their expertise to determine what the cause is.” When the factory rep from Calif. called me back I was told that in essence that I did not have a problem and that she believed the service manager. She added insult to injury by offering me a 50.00 gift card for my trouble, which I refused.

The grease still keeps getting on my wife’s leg, and I have filed a complaint with the “BBB” and go to arbitration next week. I have parked the car in the garage for the past few weeks as I am so tired of having to clean this mess up and being treated like I was a two year old. I am 76 years old and have worked in auto parts and air frame industries for over 50 years. I have lived in Arizona for over 25 years and have never had this kind of problem with any car new or used!

Hyundai just does not care about their customers!

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I posted a complaint about being cheated out of a certified used car buy where they didn’t allow me to keep the 75000 balance of the warranty.They never so much as even acknowledged my two inquiries.So much for their concern for their customers.Dealers are nice,Hyundai corp is not.

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i would like to say that jennefer her work # is631307 was very plesant and helpfull thank you


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