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There’s a saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” But what about when your car is a lemon? That’s a situation that’s not so sweet.

It’s been said that the best way to purchase a vehicle is through the manufacturer. They made the vehicle, so they know it inside and out. They can be a good resource for parts and repairs. They’re the experts. But unfortunately, once you sign those papers, the problem isn’t anyone else’s but yours. Maybe you got a bad deal on a trade-in. Or you went in for an advertised deal and got the old bait-and-switch – “Oh, we’re not offering that deal anymore, but let me tell you about our unbeatable new offer!” But most of the time, when you have a bad experience at an auto manufacturer, it means the car you bought is a dud.

This can happen even if you’ve done your homework. You could’ve gone online and researched various makes, models and dealers. Maybe you went to every dealership in town and finally settled on what you thought made the most sense. You can put in your best effort, but in the end, it can happen to anyone.

The type of car really doesn’t matter either. It could be top-of-the-line or economy. Sometimes you just get stuck with a bad deal. First, it’s the alternator – a very expensive repair. Then you need new tires. Then there’s some electrical problem that affects your starter. It’s one thing after another, and what does the manufacturer say? It’s not under warranty anymore. Will they buy it back? Sure, but at your loss. So what’s a consumer to do?

Get on Complaints List, of course! We want to hear from you – which car manufacturers should be avoided and why? What happened when you tired to resolve the problem? We have a choice about who we do business with, and an informed consumer is a happy consumer. Post that complaint now!

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