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Unless you have several thousands of dollars to slap down and pay for a vehicle in full, you probably have had to take out an auto loan. For most people, this is just another loan to add to the collective debt that makes up most adult lives. However, not every auto loan may be as wonderful as another. The company or bank that gave you your auto loan may be easy or difficult to work with depending on how customer-friendly their company is.

Perhaps you’ve had a moment when your life became busy and hectic and you missed a payment. Did the auto loan company call you and ask you to make a payment over the phone or did they call you with an aggressive attitude and threaten to repossess your car? Do they make it easy and convenient for you to make your payments online, or do they charge you for that service? Perhaps the only way they want you to pay is through payment coupon, check, and snail mail.

How easy was it to get an auto loan in the first place? Did you get a list of auto loans and get to pick one that had the best interest rate or were you stuck with only one choice when you purchased your vehicle? Did the auto loan let you choose between payment amount and length of the loan or were you tied into a five-year loan when you wanted a three-year loan? Are there penalties for paying your auto loan off early?

Perhaps making payments on time has never been a problem for you and you’ve never had a problem until you bought a car and got an auto loan that is unreliable. You make all your payments on time every month but they call to tell you that you never made a payment. Do you have recorded you wrote out a check? Did you have to call your check and void or cancel it and mail a new check out because the company or bank that owns your auto loan lost your payment or forgot to process the payment when they received your check?

Or perhaps you have other complaints with the company. Perhaps you have completely paid off your auto loan but you have yet to receive the Title for your automobile. Did you call the auto loan and they tell you that you need to pay for them to release the title even though you’ve completely repaid your loan with interest? Perhaps you’ve experienced so much trouble with the auto loan that you will never use them for an auto loan again.

If you have complaints regarding an auto loan please share them with us here at You may not be the only person experiencing problems with a particular auto loan or auto loan business.

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