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Last Updated On: November 12, 2017

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Business Name: Waltonwood Senior Living
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7125 Orchard Lake Rd #200
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48322 USA

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Phone Number: 248-865-1600
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In June, I gave Waltonwood Senior Living, 750 SE Cary Parkwasy, Cary, NC, a division of Singh Senior Living, 7125 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield, MI 48325, a deposit of $300.00 to hold a reservation for a room when it came available. On September 3rd my husband fell and had to be hospitalized. He then went into Rex Rehab in Apex, NC on September 7.

On September 12, 2012, Waltonwood Senior Living said that my husband would be able to move into their Memory Care Facility. I gave them a check of $8535.00 on September 12. Staci Stewart, Leasing Manager, told me a nurse would be going to Rex Rehab on Friday, September 14th to evaluate my husband’s level of care. Tuesday, September 18th, my daughter and I stopped in to see what furniture we would need for the room. Staci called nurse Lisa Good in on the meeting. Lisa informed us that my husband did not meet their criterior for admission. She said that my husband was a 2 man lift and would shortly need a hoyer lift. She said my husband was a “big man”. When I told her that he was 5’6″ she said,”He looked that way because he was in a wheelchair”. My husband does not need a 2 man lift as the Rex nursing staff attested to. Miss Good said that according to medical records I refused to comply with a diabetic treatment. She said that he should be on a sliding scale insulin treatment. He is has never been on insulin. The doctor never mentioned insulin. Miss Good said she would go back re evaluate my husband. However, the Executive Director Denise Alala, came into the room and to let us know it would be a waste of time.

If my daughter and I didn’t stop in on that Tuesday morning, 4 days after the evaluation, we would have not known of their refusal. All that being said, Staci said I would get a full refund in 30 days. According to the contract I should have received the refund in 14 days. My daughter and I rushed to find another facility. After we chose one, I call Staci to let her know that I could not wait 30 days for my refund. I needed the money for the other facility. She said that she would put a rush order in and I should get the money by Friday, September 21. Today is September 25 and still no check. The money was for a partial September and October rent plus $2500. residence fee. None of these services were rendered.

My complaint is : (1) Instead of letting me know of the evaluation the day of the exam, they waited 4 days. It might have been more if I didn’t stop in to see the room.
(2) When I signed the contract, the bill had to be paid in full. When they cancelled my contract, I should have received my full refund that day not 30 days. Singh Senior Living of Detroit, Michigan was

Walton Wood Senior Living division of Singh Senior Living
750 SE Cary Parkway  Cary, North Carolina 27511  919-460-7330 singhseniorliving.com


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Lisa Good, the resident coordinator in Cary NC, is very unethical. She doesn’t care at all about the residents. Her choices are all about her. She is rude and unprofessional. As long as things are EXACTLY how she wants them she is fine. As soon as she is challenged with something out of her control, look out. I’m thinking of reporting her to a consumer advocacy group. Someone should go in there and audit the place because of her.

I always was great full of the attention she gave my loved one and always knew what was going on. I seen her hard at work behind the desk, answering phones. Working as a caregiver, working as a med tech, working in house keeping and still always having a smile on her face. She was always there after hours and for after hour functions. I have never seen a person at WW Cary as a Redident care manager as involved as her. Lisa we miss you!!

Singh is a terrible place to work, they threaten you on the job, managers bully u. Said part is you call Corperate they could care less. They work staff short, bring all the heavy residents in there not caring that these ppl are heavy. Don’t care about their Caregivers or Med Techs they are the ones on the floor doing ALL the work. Management sit at their desk looking at cameras trying to catch workers doing something negative. Their managers are terrible all the way from Steve, Aaron on down. Its sad ppl coming taking care of other ppl cause… Read more »

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