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Last Updated On: May 25, 2017

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Corporate Address:
550 W Old Country Rd #303
Hicksville, New York 11801 USA

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Phone Number: 888-464-6238
Corp Email: support@waistshaperz.com
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 36

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $50.00
Average Reported Losses: $25.00

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Ridiculous Return/Exchange policy

I ordered my waistshaper and when it was received it was not the right size and had a tear in the garment.

When I called to see if I could return the item and exchange it out for the same thing (without the tear and 1 size bigger) I was told that they do not do any exchanges or returns after 7 days, and even if I was within that 7 days they still wouldn’t because its an undergarment.

I explained to the rep that I had never put the item on because when I saw their was a rip I didn’t even bother because I knew I was going to need to return it. Customer service rep was rude and told me there wasn’t anything she could do for me. Ridiculous.

When your paying over $100 for something customer service should be better. They sent me damaged goods and then wouldn’t exchange it because it was not within 7 days.

I might as well flushed $100 down the toilet.


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I ordered a waistshaperz back in December and paid for it via paypal which I thought was guaranteed. When I received my order, it was the wrong size so I returned it the next day for an exchange. After a month of not receiving my replacement product, I filed a complaint with paypal. It is now almost 6 months later and I have not received my order nor have I gotten a refund. Paypal states that the case is closed as the company gave them the original tracking number, not a new tracking number. I have just wasted a 100.00.… Read more »


I ordered this product never told that if it did not fit I cannot return it unless it was 7 to 10 days. Went by their size chart and was the wrong size when I received it and because it wasn’t 7 to 10 days I could not even exchange it for one in my size . Would not recommend anybody buying any product from this company they are not trying to make their customers satisfied. I will never order anything from them again. Way too expensive for them not to satisfy their customers.

I ordered my item, and was very excited to see results I would see. I did receive my item in less than one week. I was disappointed on the size difference. There should be a large disclaimer to order two sizes bigger (ugh ego). I did call to express my concerns, although I felt like I was talking to an acquaintance and not a professional staff. She did advise me what steps to take to get the proper merchandize. Done, now patiently waiting my the proper item to arrive. :) This is what we need to work with when ordering… Read more »

I really loved wearing this corset I got, but a rod came out the bottom after 5 days of wearing it and now nothing that I can do. That is a little shady to me.

I left a comment yesterday on their page using my husband account and they blocked me because it wasn’t good for their brand. That’s not what you are supposed to do. You are supposed to provide a better service. I received my bodyshaper yesterday. The quality is poor and it’s not worth the price. I’d like to return it and get a refund. The least you could do is answer. I’m willing to give you bad reviews everywhere if you keep giving bad service. Also, I spent half an hour trying to reach your customer service unsuccessfully.

I have not yet purchased from them, nor will I. I thank everyone on here that took the time to warn me and others. I did send the company this email: I just want you to know that I was going to invest in your product. But I always check ratings from other sites. Too bad you just lost my business and it sounds like you won’t be in business long based on what I’ve read. If you won’t stand behind your product, you will lose customers, not only ones that have already invested in your product, but also new… Read more »
People! Don’t waste your time or money. Luckily I bought my items when they had a 50% off deal. It took a full 29 days before I got notification of the item shipping. Then an additional 7 days goes by once I received the package. After the first 2 weeks of waiting, I sent an email asking where my product was. The response (2 days later) “oh it’s on back order. we apologize.” They are unprofessional as hell. Send in some small a** envelope with absolutely no invoice! LOL, they are a joke. So after waiting 30 plus days, I… Read more »

I ordered 4 dress’ only got 3!!!! i also ordered a waist shapper in a size medium what i got would only fit a small child! if that!! ridiculously undersized !!! my sisters a size 8 she can’t even get into it !!!

This company is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a waist trainer and it barely fit my 80 year old grandmas who is only 79 pounds!!!! I got a 3x ! False advertisement! They did not accept the return! I know what the policy says but if this claimed to fit a certain size they need to make that clear that it may not fit you! It took three weeks to receive the item!!! Just keep the negative comments up so they can close up shop!!! They haven’t heard the end of me trust, Its just very shady and they will not do… Read more »

Never even received my item and I am being told no refunds I can return for a store credit and I’m telling them I have nothing to return and I would never want a store credit I filed a complaint with the BBB

what is bbb???? Same happened to me accept they sent it and It is wrong size not as advertised .

BBB Better Business Bureau.

I ordered a black corset, but I received a tan body suit instead. I spent $50+ on the item and went back & forth by emails with the company. They will not resolve this matter at all. I was told I would be given store credit, I will continue to go back and forth until this is situated. I told them that this is very much an inconvenience and very unprofessional.

same thing that I am dealing with.

Ordered something – sent it back per their exchange policy – said my product would be in within 5-8 days – no product, they took my money, blocked my phone number, blocked me from FB, and instagram. They won’t even give me store credit! I’m out $100 as well as several other people!!! Seeing if all of us combined have grounds for a class action lawsuit – go to my FB page so we can stay in the loop and I will be keeping everyone updated on the attorney situation. I know we need at least a dozen to open… Read more »

Call your bank, they have a fraud department and if a certain amount of time has not passed, they should be able to give you funds back. Not sure who your bank is, but ours is Bank of America and they are awesome about fraud. Thanks for all the complaints, I will never ever order from this horrible company.

I want to join too!!! This happened to me ! they are scammers!!!

They stole my money too. When I complained they sent the wrong size they wouldn’t offer a refund or an exchange when I told her I didn’t even want it anymore she said that she wouldn’t even offer store credit anymore. File a charge back through your bank. If they get enough chargeback claims their merchant account will be shut down.

This exact same thing happened to me. The company says my package is in Jerico, NY. Jericho says they received the package 13 days ago. I can’t get anyone to answer the phone for Hicksville, NY post office and my post office also say that the company received my package on the 11th of March. Something has to be done about this.

i order a nude and I received the shaper zipper on the side medium the size scale isn’t right the told me they don’t give youre money back that I have to buy something else from them or I would lose my money im on a fixed income not right and have arthritis I cant zip something on the side my hands wont let me bad company.

Went by their size chart and received my item! WAY to small so sent it back but only to be told for store credit. They agreed to let me buy and they’d put towards my credit. Well 7 days later I’m waiting for my item to be shipped. They have received my item back. The online chat is HORRIBLE will never answer you back as you wait forever! Sorry I ever found them and will be complaining to my bank. Paypal was already informed

If you used debit or credit card call you provider and not it as fraud you will get your money back.

How can we file a class action suit on this company?

Contact Lacey C. Sadler, on FB she is filing a class suit, but need at least a dozen people to file.

I’m very upset the way this company has treated me. I returned a product never taken out of package and was assured that I would receive a store credit by Shay. I wasn’t informed each time I called they sent email telling me it was returned to me because it was dirty. #notahappycamper

Very dissapointed. Order a waist shaper with the zip on the side. Took them 3 weeks to send but i paid express postage. When the item finally arrived it looked nothing as the picture. The material is so thin and has no support what so ever. I am from Australia so i paid over $150 for it – what a waist of money. To make it worst the company won’t even get back to me in regards to this. SCAM stay away people

I purchased according to the sizing chart and no i cant get it up my butt. Wasted so much money for nothing. This company really sucks.

I purchase this product and they did not honor their discount. I emailed repeatedly and they said they would credit it me… It has been months and nothing yet. They sent the product… I ordered a med as per their size chart… I am a size 8-10…. It might fit a 10 year old and because it is considered an under garment they won’t take it back… Waist of money/ time and I feel this is a scam. They have also blocked me from commenting on their facebook ads…. grrrr

They just blocked me too :(

I purchased the Athena zip up the front play short slimmer I got it and I purchased according to the sizing chart but I can’t even get it up over my hips and butt much less over my stomach look and I are in separate so I’m not exactly sure what to do with it

I purchased one of these according to the chart sizing chart and I can’t even get it up over my butt I posted that comment on their Facebook site and I have removed it and don’t allow me to comment anymore

They just deleted me off of their Instagram page because I said I hadn’t received my shipment from over 1 month ago

I placed an order for the Nude Zipper Booty Shorts Body Shaper on Dec 18 and paid for expedited delivery. I called three times and each time I was told I would receive it shortly. I was refunded for the expedited charge. I finally got my order yesterday Jan 11th and the right strapped was torn…broken off. It appears as if this item was used or “tried on” previously. I started by being very excited about making this purchase and now I am so disappointed. I dont even want to bother with a return and refund. But I will keep… Read more »

Do NOT order from this company. They take your money & do not send products. You will receive canned comments if you inquire & if you call you are placed on hold then after a few minutes it tells you the department is not available! You will not get a call back. If you have $100 to waste this is the company

I wish I found this site earlier, they did the same for me. They will not cancel my order even though I have never received an item. They only send me the same email over and over saying to see their return/exchange page. How can I return or exchange when I never received an item. They have horribke costumers service.


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