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Last Updated On: January 14, 2018

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Tired of Being Quiet!

As I sit and type this, it’s like I am in another world. Why? I just walk off my job of 3 years at The Palms of St. Lucie West, because I was tired of the way management treated us, the workers and therefore the residents. I’ve been a C.N.A. for 15 years, work up North and then in Florida. I’ve seen many deaths, many bed-sores, many abuse and neglect. But never have I been misfortune to meet and work with adults (women) in managing positions, who practice and follow through with intimidation to workers, to the point where no one wants to speak out in fear of retaliation, (fired).

Yesterday I worked the 2nd, floor by myself with some help from the person on 1st fl. who had her 13 residents to take care of, my floor had 31, about 9 who were total care. No hoyer lift here, because this is Assistant Living…please. Today I went to work, hoping the Nurse (supervisor), had found someone to work the other side, which is not even the side I work on! Well I am here typing this so I guess you can tell she didn’t. Now normally I am a calm and practical sort of person, but I lost it. I clean out my locker, clock out and I left, I’ll probably cry tonight, but right now I want to tell my story, because it’s just not only my story, it’s also the story of my co-workers and resident, who will feel the end result of not getting the help they need from the State to stop the abuse of us workers, and neglect of our Residents.

In this place all the med-carts are a mess. Some Residents have at some time or not been given double dosage of medicine. (couldn’t say anything) the Nurse would just cover it up. Many Residents have gone 1week, 2weeks, sometimes a full month, without a few pills. The Nurse knows, she does Med-Tech sometimes, and we’ve informed her many times. I could give names, room numbers, but even though I’ve left, I still must protect Resident Privacy. I’ve watch Resident died, from bed-sores that could have been stop if the correct medication or timely interest was taken. I’ve seen colds taken on bronchitis, from lack of help not being given. I am so tired of working in an environment of fear and hopelessness, it’s so depressing and I was slowly dying on the inside.

I love my Residents, I’ll weep for them, because I know and my co-workers know that nothing will change unless someone speak. I will have to be the voice that they don’ have. Can someone, please help us??…


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