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Last Updated On: May 10, 2017

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Business Name: Elmcroft Assisted Living LLC
Corporate Address:
700 N Hurstbourne Parkway #200
Louisville, Kentucky 40222 USA

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Phone Number: 502-753-6000
Company Contact: Gary Smith Sr - Co-Founder, President, CEO
Corp Website:


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Very Unprofessional

My father was a resident at Elmcroft Of Lima since last year. I contacted The Executive Director well in advance to let her know that I would be driving from St. Louis to Lima to pick my father up and bring him back to St. Louis with me. His wife died in February of this year and he no longer have any family in Lima. I kept in contact with the Executive Director concerning the move. I requested a 30 day supply of medication for my father until I can get him to see a doctor in St. Louis.

When I arrived I went to the facility, I saw the Ex. Director, Bridget Sharp in passing and we had a short conversation. She did not inform me that she wasn’t going to be there the next day which was the day I would be moving him out.

Once the contents were removed from the room, I asked if I could speak to Bridget Sharp, the Executive Director, I was told at that time that she was off. I asked if I could see the person in charge and was told she was busy. I then asked several workers if I could have someone check the room and if there was a requirement for a discharge check sheet? I was told that wasn’t necessary.

Later that evening when it was time for my father to take his PM meds all I had was a bag full of medication given to one of the ladies that was with me, no medication listing/check sheet. I called Elmcroft to request this very important information and I was told my father was no longer in their system. When I asked if that was normal procedure I was told no and she didn’t have any idea what happened. He had been gone less than 8 hours.

I went back to the facility because we were scheduled to leave Lima at 5:00 am the following morning. One of the technicians assisted me by separating the medications but the person in charge that I had spoken to minutes before was all of a sudden busy and not available. I called Bridget Sharp the following day and she wasn’t of much help, she texted me an illegible copy of his medicine listing with medications on there that wasn’t provided to me as I requested.

It’s four days later and I’m no closer to finding out where the missing medications are and how to get them. I called the company that delivers the medicine and since he’s no longer in the facility they can’t send any medications to me so until I can get my father to see a doctor here and they obtain his medical records he has to do without this medication. I pray to God that it’s something he can do without for the amount of time it takes to get this mess straighten out.

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