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Last Updated On: May 22, 2017

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Business Name: AQ Beauty Supply Missouri
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3812 E Truman Rd
Kansas City, Missouri 64127 USA

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Is AQ Beauty Supply a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

AQ Beauty Supply sells synthetic hair as 100% human hair

On 5/4/17 I purchased what was advertised by packaging and by the store staff as 100% Human Hair Extensions. I took the product home and tested the quality before using it and when heat was applied to extensions they melted and there was no evidence that any of the synthetic material could possibly human hair.

I immediately went back to the store to attempt to resolve the issue. The store owner refused to give a refund, or exchange the product for what was advertised. I was instead told to contact the product manufacturer, and despite requesting the information I was told to google it.

This should have been handled by them, since they have a business relationship with this vendor and I do not. I purchased the deceptive and fraudulent product from their business, not the vendor, so I should have been able to resolve my issue with them.

The store owner showed zero interest in resolving this issue with me, despite being a repeat customer that has spent thousands of dollars over the years in their store. The store owner also attempted to convince me that sometimes human hair melts, which defies physics.

Modification / discontinuance of an advertised claim:

I would like for them to acknowledge the issue and discontinue sales of this product, using its current labeling as an authentic product, when it is not.

If they continue to sale this item, it should be labelled with what the consistency of the synthetic material is, in the event someone could potentially be allergic or have a reaction. This item should also be labeled correctly to give consumers the option to choose.

As a business owner they should be familiar with the products being sold to customers, and be able to stand behind their product 100%.

AQ Beauty Supply Location – 3812 E Truman Rd Kansas City Missouri 64127 816-241-3123


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