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As a society, we’ve gotten away from having parents after retirement live with their eldest child. Now, there are many senior living communities and homes for people who want to live in a community with other seniors independently. There are also services designed to help independent seniors get the help they need for a few hours out of the day. Or for people who need lots of care, there are assisted living programs and senior homes to help elderly people around the clock.

When you or your parent lives in a senior home or relies on assisted living you want the care you receive to be quality. You don’t want there to be cases where the elderly are being abused or neglected. You also want people providing your elderly care to be kind, knowledgeable, and understanding as well. The senior homes should be a safe place for people to go and enjoy some peace with other seniors.

Abuse in senior home or assisted living facility can be verbal and mental. And neglect and abuse aren’t the only reasons you may take complaint with a senior home. Other complaints may include a failure to deliver needed medication to the patient. If they do deliver the medication, it is also important that the taking of medication is supervised as well. If you have a parent or elderly family member living in assisted living or a senior home then proper supervision is extremely important.

The senior home should also have an adequate staff as well. While assisted living may have a high turnover rate, it is important that posts be filled as quickly as possible so that the existing staff don’t become over worked or over stressed. If the assisted living or senior home has inadequate staff, it may be a sign that the home may not treat their employees well or that there may be other problems with the facility and services.

If you work or have worked for a particular assisted living or senior home then you pay have seen some of the abuses or problems that occur in senior homes first hand. If you have knowledge of a senior home where abuses occur to either their patients or their employees then is the place to share your story. You can help make others aware of what facilities need to be avoided and why. Your insight can help others ensure that their loved ones avoid a senior home that doesn’t treat their seniors or employees well.

Below is a list of current consumer complaints for Assisted Living & Senior Homes companies. On this page you can browse through these current user reviews and complaints.

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