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Last Updated On: July 18, 2017

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Business Name: Source Network Sales And Marketing LLC
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820 F Ave #100
Plano, Texas 75074 USA

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Phone Number: 888-542-5953
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Reported Losses: $130.00
Average Reported Losses: $130.00

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Lifesmart not honoring manufacturer's warranty

I purchased a Source Green Heat product from a Walmart location, and the unit had a heat coil go out 3 years to the day from date of purchase. I checked the manufacturer’s website, and their FAQ lists that:

“The heater comes with an automatic 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty at the time of purchase. Your receipt is considered your proof of purchase and registration.”

I submitted an email inquiry regarding my warranty, and had the message come back as permanently undeliverable.

The next day I called the company and was told that that website is no longer valid or active, even though there is a copyright date of 2016 at the bottom.

The company is claiming that because my particular heater model is not listed on the website, that the 3 year warranty does not apply, and they refuse to replace the product.

The warranty policy listed does not specify that any particular models are excluded, or that a product had to be purchased after a certain date for the warranty to be valid.

The company has been extremely rude to me, the supervisor I spoke with would interrupt me before I could even finish a sentence.

I paid $130 originally, and the representative I spoke with, CSR11 (are they not people, with names?) actually said, “in our disposable world I would expect products to break and wouldn’t spend so much on a heater in the first place because I don’t have the need or that kind of money.”

I responded saying, that it sounded like the company makes products to be broken, she insisted they don’t.

Very displeased with how I was treated with this company. If a policy is listed on your company website, or a company that you are responsible for, then that policy should be honored.

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