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Last Updated On: April 25, 2017

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Business Name: NutriBullet LLC
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P.O. Box 4575 Dept 99B
Porcomia, California 91333 USA

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NutriBullet Phone Number: 855-346-8874
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Company Contact: Colin Sapire - CEO Partner
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Average Rating: 1.46 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $11,150.53
Average Reported Losses: $66.77
Product Price: $79.99

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Intestinal Blockage - 3 day hospital stay

There should be warnings about using minimal spinach, kale, carrots and NOT packing in as much as you can get. There should also be warnings about having no more than 1 glass a day. No one should consume 2 blender fulls in 1 day or several days in a row. Too much of a good thing – is NOT good.

My daughter (24) very health conscience and in great physical shape (exercises/dances routinely) wound up in the ER after drinking 2 kale, carrot, banana nutri-bullet-fuls in one day. It would NOT pass thru her system. They wanted to pump her stomach (tube up nose, then down throat… would have kept the tube in for 1-1/2 days and kept her in hospital 3 days minimum and/or were contemplating surgery if it didn’t pass thru.)

Blockage was right where the small intestine meets the large intestine. Nothing would pass to the large intestine. (Think about it – If you pour what you blended inside the Nutri-Blender into a strainer – you would wind up with a BASEBALL SIZE BALL OF THICK HARD PULP and she had drank 2 in one day trying to be healthy.)

We had them change from pain meds that STOPS ALL ABDOMINAL movement to something that would ease the pain, relax her, and allow this incredible blockage to pass thru her system, IV’s, sips of water (and thankful she had taken an ex-lax several hours BEFORE going to the ER) … we massaged her stomach and waited it out. Poor thing THANKFULLY passed a KALE LOG, but it took 24 hours after arriving at the hospital, but the hospital would NOT release her until the evening of the 3rd day – VERY EXPENSIVE LESSON TO LEARN.

We have insurance and have NOT received the Hospital & Doctor bills yet and we were told we had to do a follow-up colonoscopy – doctors insisted. Really? Logically/scientifically looking at the scenario now – it’s OBVIOUS what caused the problem – she will NEVER do a Kale/Carrot Nutri-Bullet again! We don’t know the actual costs of this incident yet, but I’m guessing it won’t be cheap – our portion of the colonoscopy alone was virtually $500, so can’t imagine what our portion of a 3-day hospital stay will be.

I know people want to be healthy and try the latest fad, but please THINK LOGICALLY – and perhaps with the mindset of – is this something a cave man would eat? They ate food from the earth that wasn’t strewn with preservatives (that keep the food from breaking down within your system) or that wasn’t concocted with man-made ingredients and fillers and they definitely didn’t blend up 4 cups of raw kale & carrots and drink it in a day.

Please be warned and be smart about what you do and try – use logic – think cave man … and enjoy all things in moderation. We would hate for anyone else to endure what my daughter did. Her pain and fear was incredible and it scarred her for life… She now worries about everything she puts into her mouth and is fearful of eating any raw vegetables PERIOD.

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NutriBullet Infomercial: NutriBullet is well known for its extensive advertising on TV Informercials
AKA: Nutribullet Big W, Nutribullet Australia, Nutribullet Target, Nutribullet Perth
NutriBullet Parent Company: Capital Brands, LLC P.O. Box 4564 Pacoima, CA 91333-4564 (310) 996-7200 - Capital Brands
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Nutri Bullet’s base component last about a year. Please do not purchase. It is not worth it!

I purchased this item less than 4 months ago and have used it less than 10 times! It stopped working period! I called customer service and they asked for model and serial number to try and figure out what happened to the unit. What kind of sense does that make. What they gone do…reach out and touch fix it over the phone. I would not recommend anyone buying this product.

My daughter had 2 NutriBullets they both stopped working after about 3 months of use. The Motor just stopped working on one and one started smoking. I also purchased one and had similar problems as outlined in all the complaints – leakage, motor continued running even after power disengaged and eventually – just stopped working all together. That’s the point of their company – sell a machine, have it malfunction, buy another one – that has to be their company marketing plan. There are no products made in China that are worth a crap – this is just another example… Read more »

Recently I saw these “nutribullet” commercials are still on TV. The claims they make are ridiculous, claiming to go down to the cellular level? This item is nothing but a blender, period. Telling people that different food is needed and that using this can help curing various illnesses is also bogus.


hi got a nutribullet in 02/2017 returned it in03/17 motor would heat up smelt like the motor was burning made about a dozen drinks last few the motor would quite working. took it back to the place I bought it from they gave me a new one had this one for a week and just 20 minutes ago made a drink and the motor heating up and smoking not impressed. going to bring it back and get my money back. to bad its not built to work properly use to be a good machine did have the smaller one before.

had for slightly over one year and the spinner cracked in peices and unit started smoking while making my drink i was first told blade assembly would cost $19 called back to place order its now $69 come on guys i could buy another unit at that cost, if the part is defective it should be free I am going to try ninja this time but not without complaiing on every forum I can find. After two 30 minute phone calls with your customer service I gave less info for my marriage license!

I am getting ready to contact one of the owners, Colin Sapire, who by the way has been involved in as many as 22 companies over his life time. I am also going to file with Better Business Bureau and the Interstate Commerce Commission. I purchased a Nutribullet package for $240.60 as a gift. The money came out of my credit card on January 17, 2017. (Please note the box was never opened as it was not wanted by the person I bought it for.) I was told when I ordered that I could return it within 30 days and… Read more »

I am having the same problem with this company. They just took the money out of my account without me confirming it.. I did not agree that 236.74 to buy this product. Their website showed Error and they debit my account. Whth I request to cancel the rep Amy said that they can cancel but I won’t beable to get my money back . The payment is pending in my account. I went to my bank to fail un- authorize charges against NutriBullet.

My NutriBullet just exploded. In my face. I feel sick to my stomach because of how freaked out I am. I got lucky but I investigated it after a shower and the tabs that are supposed to interlock are completely broken off. I know they weren’t like that before I started using it, so I’m pretty shaken up about this but I did get lucky because I didn’t suffer any injuries (thank goodness). Definitely wasn’t a planned part of my day.

Rebecca, I am sorry this happened to you. I have used my NutriBullet for 9 months, nearly every day. On Thursday morning, the machine started freaking out. It was shaking all over the counter, and I yelled out for help from my husband who was standing at the sink washing eggs. In the same moment, I realized I should unplug it from the outlet. As I reached with my right hand to unplug it from the wall, I had my left hand just in front of my face and neck, the NutriBullet cup blew apart like a bomb, sent me… Read more »
I purchased the original Nutribullet and for a short time it worked fine. Then, after securely and tightly putting the lid on and starting the blending process, fluid would leak and spit out of the blender and, at times, on me. Now, after the fluid having built up over time, the blender won’t even work because the plastic parts that are pushed down to activate the blending process, have hardened. Furthermore, the poorly designed plastic cup with its 3 cheap plastic parts that you depress to begin the blending have broken off – making the blender not work at all… Read more »

This morning I was blending my usual smoothie and the motor started smoking. Luckily I was standing there or we would have had a major fire!!!!!!!

January 16 2017. This morning the exact same thing happened to my daughter has Cindy. Also made a big mess in my kitchen, was very glad my granddaughter was still sleeping, or she could have also gotten burnt, and she too is complaining about the pain.

January 15,2017 I was mixing a hot protein drink in my bullet. When I opened the lid it exploded the hot liquid onto my arm, hand, neck, head and leg. Causing minor to severe burns! Painful!

I have purchased 6 of them because I liked the way they pulverized the fruit. They all stopped working within 6 months.. The heavy motor design started smoking and had to discard it. All of them leaked the juice from the seal of top rim, and was waiting if they could fix that all these years.
Very disappointing. You need to stop manufacturing defective products from China.

My husband bought a nutribullet and paid $102. at wal mart. We used it 5 times in the year we had it and when we went to use it again it would not work. We will never buy another nutribullet again. They are not worth being ripped off for.

Bought 2 at once because it was a better buy and I figured I would keep 1 at work. Used the 1 at work maybe 3 times, but used the 1 at home twice daily. The 1 at home s__t the bed. Fine it had a lot of use, brought the 1 from work home, it s__t the bed ONE DAY later! Don’t tell me these things aren’t made to have a predetermined life! I’ll never recommend or buy another.

80% of the time I can’t get the lid off and the ingredients are wasted. I’ve also had the lid leak. I wouldn’t suggest this product.

What can you expect from a machine made in China? Inferior metals and design flaws, of course. Don’t get me wrong but China does make a lot of good things and I’ll still buy products made in China, I’ll make sure it’s good for me. It’s all about profits and what gets pushed aside are your problems with those products. It takes (“I hate to say this”) creative business know-how to sell crap to Americans and others. The true facts is that those company selling the products will not tell you the bad things about their products, it won’t sell.… Read more »

U losers have nothing better to do u can find something wrong with anything. Like when I’m a famous actor in gonna be the best there ever was but there will still be loser jelous idiots that will talk crap o never saw any rust on my nuti bullet and I use it almost every day go to hell u moron I wish I saw u at the mall or something ur a loser

You aren’t an American or have a learning disability with spelling! It’s their right to say or write what they want! Good luck being an actor.

why are you calling people losers? constructive criticism of a product is what improves it in the future. I suggest you take your negativity somewhere else.

I am writing this review because I was gifted this an have really been frustrated with its obviously constructed obnoxious flaws…..I feel as if this company makes an inferior product that they market and give the appearance as its is high quality and sell for $70+ dollars depending on the package…. They keep stating its an improvement from previous models and in some ways they addressed the limitations from previous models only to create worse new ones… They leak because its a design flaw….When you initiate the motor it causes the bottom to turn because you are holding onto the… Read more »

Bought my first Bullet and it lasted for 4 months. Took it back to Sam’s Club they offered my the NutiBullet 900 plus $20.00. 4 months later the 900 is very hard, if not impossible, to push down to start. Going back to Sam’s again.

Received the 900 series for a Christmas gift. I’m having the same problem.

Brought my Nutribullet last December and thought it was a great way to get healthy. But in the last month it has stopped working. Very fed up as wasn’t cheap and will never buy another one again. Just took it to the dump this morning to get rid of it.

I have had a MagicBullet for a few years. I never had any problem with it. I still use it at times. I needed something more powerful and was impressed to purchase the NutriBullet. After using it for approximately 6 months, I used it for the last time 2 days ago. I am so tired of wondering if and / or when the liquid will leak into the motor and down onto the counter. When the machine doesn’t leak, all is okay. I just never know when. I include certain ingredients which I cannot afford to waste. I need them… Read more »

I thought the reason my smoothie leaked into the motor area was my fault, l did not screw it on evenly. Pls. advise, how to l now thoroughly clean it. I am a relatively new user !

Water is your best option…be careful unplug it but you will need to run it while it is still wet which could be also dangerous so be sure to wear rubber thick gloves…its important to run it before it drys or else you will cause oxidation on the motor arbor…good luck…. These are a p**s poor cheaply made device and are designed to fail in my opinion!

mine lasted less than six months. was hard to initiate the blender process, motor would not shut off after use had to unplug it. never again.


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