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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: SL Nusbaum Realty Co
Corporate Address:
4723 Helensburgh Dr
Chesapeake, Virginia 23321 USA

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Phone Number: 866-497-6958
Corp Email: wellington@slnusbaum.net
Company Contact: Alan B Nusbaum - President
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All's NOT well at Wellington

DO NOT MOVE HERE! Just another GREEDY management company that will take your money. I moved here in October and have had issue on top of issue. I am tired of these mgmt. companies taking tenants monies and not making the appropriate upgrades as needed and coinciding with the rent rate hikes! Wellington is another culprit of this. It’s like they have this motto, “If you don’t scream, we won’t holler”. They will leave old outdated appliances, fixtures in a unit until it is totally inoperable and breaks down and causes a headache for the tenant until they decide to do anything about it. I’m sure a lot of business is run in that fashion, but it is tacky, unprofessional and there are also businesses that do NOT operate in such shady fashion.

First of all, upon viewing the model/office, which has a totally updated modern kitchen, I advised the agent that the updated model is what I wanted and we agreed upon that, well moving in I find that I was being given something totally different.

When I questioned the change, I was given a bogus long song and dance about why I wasn’t given what I requested and was paying for, BAIT & SWITCH.

A couple of months ago I had a carbon monoxide leak in my apartment from a furnace as old as the dinosaurs! Which resulted in me and my children being left without heat (per Chesapeake Fire Dept.) in the winter while a new furnace was ordered and put in and then the health dept. having to come in and confirm that a new unit was installed.

The place smells old and damp, ALWAYS.

There are cracks in the walls in the corners of the bedrooms, water stains on the ceiling from obviously previous water damage coming from the roof.

Serious ugly holes and cracks in the closets to which maintenance has slapped plaster or whatever over them without proper repair.

Since I’ve moved here, I have an old perverted neighbor who has constantly harassed me, to the point of exposing his genitals to me upon coming into the building.
Mind you I have children, Thank goodness they weren’t with me when he decided to be so inappropriate.

And I notified the office of his harassment well before the exposure incident.

This is a pet friendly community and everyone does NOT curb their animals.

Watch where you walk. Oh and there are speed bumps in the parking lots that will take out your axles as well as the floor of your car if your not careful. And that’s at 1 MILE PER HR.!

I know that like most hard working adults, It is not acceptable to live like this. To pay your hard earned money for sub par, mediocre, living conditions.

Especially not when there are SO many other communities, WAY NICER. You may have to spend $100-$300 more per month, but keep in mind, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
I WILL be moving before my lease contract date ends. And I’m sure the office staff say good riddance because I have NOT been quiet about my discrepancies since living here. I have contacted their management company directly (S.L. Nusbaum), my next visit is BBB, other rental review forums as well as other outlets.

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