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Last Updated On: November 8, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Park Brandywood Apts
Corporate Address:
5851 Anderson Ave SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 505-268-1552
Company Contact: Joyce Erickson - Owner


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 1

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $75.00
Average Reported Losses: $75.00

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Watch out for Brandywood Park apartments in Albuquerque NM

I lived briefly at Brandywood Park apartments in Albuquerque, NM off of Anderson avenue and Alvarado, for about six months. When my 6 months lease ended, I walked into the apartment management office to sign another 6 month lease with the apartment complex. Upon arriving I walked in and spoke with the ‘manager’s assistant’ whos name was “Marlene K.” about signing another 6 months lease and I asked if I should make an appointment to do this for the convenience of the office. A very rude and possibly intoxicated woman proceeded to tell me that ‘I was good’ and ‘not to trip about it’ I was confused and slightly nervous about this woman and asked if she worked there. This woman introduced herself in a slurred voice and said she was the property owner’ whoms name I could not clearly understand. She asked my name and started going through a cabinet looking my file for about 10 minutes before finally asking the ‘assistant’ for help finding the tenant’s files. Marlene found my file and gave it to the ‘owner’.

The owner sat down and informed me that the rent would be raised $50 this month. I was shocked and confused about not being informed about this increase before hand. The owner’s demeanor immediately changed and she began to bully and antagonize me. She said to me, “I’m sorry, you seem confused. Is there a problem?” I let her know that I was confused about not receiving a notice about the rent increase before coming in to pay the rent. I was wondering to myself if that was even legal in New Mexico. This “owner” proceeded to say in a rude, obnoxious tone “I’m sorry! We pay all the utilities here at Brandywood and it’s time for us to increase the rent!” The assistant “Marlene” printed out all the paper work while this rude woman exclaimed at me and said nothing. Marlene then showed me the new lease and told me the price difference and to sign the bottom. I told Marlene I would like give a 30 day notice and sign a month to month rent lease and I’ll be out by the end of the month.

The assistant printed a new lease while the owner stared at me the entire time. I asked Marlene where the manager Veronica Franco was and when she would be available. The “owner” answered “She’s sick, so..” and the assistant said “Oh yes, this is the owner, this is Veronica’s boss.” I assured her that I know the difference between a manager and owner position. I signed the lease and left the building feeling bullied and disrespected and extremely worried about my living situation. This apartment is in a part of town referred to as “the war zone” because of its dangerous crime rate. This apartment wasn’t even worth the $450 I was paying at the beginning of February 2012, but was all I could afford as a part time cashier and college student who lives alone. I later found out on the local Action 7 news airing, that the apartment manager that was “sick”, Veronica Franco, had been embezzling money from the company.

After having a walk through of the apartment on August 31st, 2013, with “Marlene K.”, she assured me that after seeing my receipts for steam cleaning the carpet, I would receive a $200 security deposit in the mail and a letter. On October 13th I still hadn’t received the letter or the check and called the office. Marlene answered the phone and told me that she “had no idea where the check is” in a matter-of-fact tone. I asked here if I could check on the status of my check at the supposed “accounting office in California” What this woman told me next was absolutely ridiculous, she said; “Yea..but they don’t have a phone.” I was shocked and said nothing on the other line. She then told me that the address I gave her is the forwarding address that I gave to her before moving out is where the check would be sent and she couldn’t stop it. She was extremely rude and obnoxious upon telling me this. I told her that I was aware of this. She then ordered me to call back on Monday and said that she would check on it herself and let me know. I thanked her for her help and hung up the phone.

I finally received the check and did not call that woman back as the check arrived the next day. I also received the letter that she sent and it said that she was the apartment manager now, which she failed to mention. The letter also said that they were going to keep $75 for “paint-touch up”! Not only did this woman assure me that I would receive my full security deposit back but she also lied to me again over the phone after I called. I was furious at the fact that I cleaned the walls and left them in better condition then when I moved in and was being charged for a false paint touch-up. I pondered going to small claims court but found that the stress, time and money would be more than what the company initially ripped me off. I let it go but would like to let as many people as possibly know to stay away from Brandywood Park apartments in Albuquerque New Mexico! Avoiding this company completely and at every cost will save you a world of time, stress and your money.

Here’s also a list of a few of the other problems from another website that are all legitimate:

From: tenantdissappointed
Date posted: 3/15/2013
Years at this apartment: 2012 – 2013

Pros: all utilities paid, free cable, layout of studio is nice and spacious for a studio, plenty of parking, security code needed for entry, big closets.

There is a list of things wrong with this place:
1. Roach infestation in every apartment. Left my coffee cup down to use the restroom and came back to 5 roaches in my cup. Don’t put anything in your cupboards unless you don’t mind them crawling and leaving their feces on your dishes and food. They come out of the vents, the drains, cracks in the walls, everywhere. They don’t even run from you anymore and crawl on you often. They even get into your computer and other electronics and lay their eggs.
2. Bed bugs in some apartments, but all apartments are connected so the bed bugs are spreading
(my neighbor got them about a year ago and I just recently got them, but already a big problem) I wake up with multiple bites every morning that end up breaking skin from itching so bad. They are impossible to get rid of and don’t just hide in your bed. I will have to get rid of everything when I leave.
3. Black mold spores that spread throughout the shower in a matter of days no matter how often you scrub the tub and shower walls.
4. Paint job upon move-in was only done halfway, you can see the two different shades from where they didn’t paint.
5. Carpet had major stains upon move-in and laminate flooring had cigarette burns. Both should have been replaced.
6. Air conditioner on ceiling by vanity leaks water when on, even after filter had been changed.
7. Gated community but gate is so short a ten-year-old can jump the fence. Not secure at all. There have been multiple car thefts from the gated parking lot in just the last year.
8. They are constantly turning off the water and most times don’t put notices. I’ve been halfway through a shower and they shut it off out of nowhere.
9. Shower head so old it squirts water out of the shower.
10. Window screens come torn or with holes.
11. Have given management written requests for raparing of all these issues; their bug spray only makes the roach problem worse, they changed my screens for two more with holes, never came to fix the showerhead so I had to put tape, pretend like they have no idea that there is a roach problem even though management lives here also and have gotten many complaints from other tenants.
12. Most all tenants here are on some kind of drug, including the leasing agent Veronica and Jeff the maintenance man.
13. Veronica has been known to sleep with some residents and give them deals until she’s done with their services.
14. A lot of creepy perverts who harrass you anytime they see you. Watch out for the other maintenance man who is ALWAYS wearing the yellow t-shirts (can’t miss him), he harrasses me everytime I go into the laundry room, even my boyfriend noticed. Caught him drooling over 12 year-old girls at the pool, just standing there staring for minutes. Very disturbing. Veronica herself warned me about him when I moved in.
15. Walls are so thin you can hear neighbors farting, burping, having sex, and even follow complete conversations. Might as well live in a cardboard box.
16. They say they have 3 different floorplans each with a higher price but all apartments here are identical in size so don’t fall for it, only difference is they give you the option of furnished.
17. Windows are not even glass, they’re made out of plastic and are glued to frame so you can easily push the window in and have your place broken into.
18. They wait until mid-summer to turn on the air, and winter is usually gone by the time they switch back to the heater.

Overall while it is only 450 per month, I would not suggest this place to my worst enemy. Manager says you get what you pay for, but under the lease agreement it states that they are to provide a healthy place to live. If we all pay our rent on time (our part), they need to keep up this place to a healthy standard (their part), regardless of the bad neighborhood or how much we pay in rent. So I will be calling the city’s health department to come in and see the conditions in which we have to live. I will be moving soon, but this place needs to be knocked down because it is a big health hazard just with the roaches and mold alone

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The apartment complex my mom and I lived at from 2007 through the beginning of April this year raised our rent after our lease was up, and we were not notified in advance of the increase in rent. That information was included in our lease. Did you read your lease?


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