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Last Updated On: October 16, 2017

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Business Name: RAIT Residential Realty Management Inc
Corporate Address:
4701 E Sahara
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 USA

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Phone Number: 702-457-5400
Company Contact: Stephanie Peletti - Manager
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Average Rating: 2.00 out of 5
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I was impressed with the leasing agent and the property. It is kept clean, good security and the leasing agent was very helpful. The first issue was my sewer and water bill. In the first couple of months I was paying 25 then it went to 40.

In December I had an issue come up with financial responsibility of my previous address. I went to the office to see what I could do to break my lease. I was told as stated in the lease I would be financially obligated to pay the stated amount 2750. I spoke to the office manager and he was rude and belligerent during the whole conversation. So I was able to work it out to stay but advised I would be moving at the end of my lease.

In June I started having problems with my air conditioning. It took a couple of days and first they replaced the thermostat with a used one. This still did not fix the problem. Then they decided they needed to replace the air unit. That took several days and in the mean time they provided a portable for me to use. This still did not fix the problem. They decided they needed to replace the thermostat again and did this while I was out of town on vacation.

A month later when I returned I came home to an ice cold apartment and the thermostat was set at 60 degrees. This created a 250 dollar power bill I went to the office with the bill, they apologized but refused to pay it. In February when I paid my March rent I reminded the office assistant I was not renewing my lease and asked what I needed to do. She gave me a form, it was a checklist and told me to return it the following month when I paid my rent and gave my 30 days notice.

When I went in March to pay my April rent and give my notice, the office manager once again got rude and argumentative and said I was required to give 60 days notice and would have to pay another months rent. He claimed he gave me written notice on my door and in the mail. I advised I never received either. He claimed to have proof of mailing (he never gave that to me) and after about half an hour he finally agreed to accept my notice. I then asked about a final walk through when I have completed my move. I was told they do not do that, they have a company that does the inspection and will let me know what I owe. When I turned my keys in I again asked about a final bill. I was told there would be one sent.

2 weeks later I received a collection notice for one hundred twenty seven dollars. I immediatly called. The leasing agent told me she had just come back from showing the apartment and how impressed the office manager was with how it looked and how clean it was. Then once again got the office manager, his belligerent and rude attitude, says he mailed a copy and again claims to have proof of mailing.

I have requested 3 times for a copy of the bill. To date I have not received it. According to the lease they are required to give a written estimate of final costs.

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