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Apartment living definitely has its advantages. No yard work, no expensive repair bills, and perhaps best of all – no mortgage to get caught under. When you’re lease is up, you can simply walk away.

But apartment living can be a terrible trap, too. Of course, landlords are notorious scammers. Yes, they are required to follow the law, but that does not mean they will. Sure, you signed a lease, but what can you do if the terms are violated? For example, what if your upstairs neighbor has a leaky shower? The water drips down constantly, eventually wearing out the plaster in your ceiling and dripping water into your apartment. You have an ugly brown stain on the ceiling, there is always water to clean off the floor or catch in buckets, and some of your own possessions even get ruined in the process! Who is going to pay to replace those? We’re pretty sure you know the answer to that one.

Or how about when it’s below zero in the wintertime and your heat goes on the fritz? Anyone who’s gone down this road knows what happens next: your pipes freeze, causing your plumbing to come to a halt. Nothing is worse than waking up in a frigid apartment, lifting the toilet seat to use the bathroom and seeing frozen water. This should be handled like the emergency it is. But somehow, the landlord doesn’t seem to have the same sense of urgency you do. Days can go by, weeks, or even months before the problem is finally taken care of. And let’s not even get started about what can happen when bugs or other pests infiltrate your apartment. It’s enough to make you want to pack your bags and take off for good.

Even if they respond to your complaint calls in a timely manner, landlords can be a tremendous drain on your finances and your peace of mind. A long-term tenant is basically a repeat customer. What do stores and service providers do for long-term customers? If they value them at all, they give them the royal treatment – “Nice to see you again!” “Thank you!” “We’re offering a discount this month, let me tell you about it…” But what do you get for being a long-term tenant? You get your rent raised higher and higher each year! Sometimes even to the maximum amount allowed by state law. It would be great if your paycheck saw a 35% increase to go along with your rent amount, but let’s face it – that is usually not the case.

And what about security deposits? You fork over the amount of your rent, and in some cases, even double, in hopes that you’ll see that money again at the end of your lease. But what happens when you move out? Oh, you didn’t clean the refrigerator and stove well enough. We had to hire the city’s best cleaning crew to take care of that. There was a smudge on the bedroom wall. Looks like we’ll have to get a painting crew to re-do the whole place. And when you (finally!) get that check, there’s hardly anything left.

But there is no reason apartment dwellers should feel like a rat in a cage. There is a way to stop this madness. Take a stand! Read the claims below and add your own. Don’t let anyone else go through the same situation. Don’t let “slum lords” take advantage of you. You give them your hard-earned money month after month. How much of your income goes to rent? Forty, fifty, even sixty percent? You deserve more for that money. You deserve better treatment!

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