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Last Updated On: August 28, 2017

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LAX Airport Spirit Airlines Unfair treatment of disabled customers

On August 21, 2017 at the LAX Airport in Los Angeles California my Disable mother and I, which i am disable also, arrived at the airport at 8:50pm to catch a Flight to Cleveland Ohio which was to depart from Lax at 11:06pm. I and also my mother where in wheelchairs.

The transportation people took us through security check point then up stairs to where we were to catch our flight through Spirit Airlines, our flight number on the plane 184. Once we were placed upstairs, they placed us in an area where another flight was flying to Baltimore.

About 20 minutes later a transportation worker, who was a female, asked us to get up out of our wheelchairs because she needed them. I told her we needed them also. She stated that when it comes time for us to get on the plane, that she will be back to get us.

So after an hour i called the lady that loads the plane, and told her that the lady took both wheelchairs away from me and my mother, has not returned to get us for boarding on to the plane. The attendant lady asked what plane, i told her plane 184, she stated that the women placed me and my mother in the wrong area, and our plane is taking off.

So after all that we were in the airport for 3 hours after the plane left, before we were placed in a hotel room. My mother had an asthma attack in the airport, and it cost me to pay another $25.00 for parking.

I know that me and my mother’s rights was ignored when it come to the disability. We could not get around, cause of our source of getting around was stripped away; we could not get on our plane.

I have an implanted device that is a medical requirement, where my body started spasm and I could not control it…

I need this matter handle, they are not taking the Disabilities Laws Seriously… Thank You


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