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Last Updated On: September 18, 2017

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Business Name: Air Canada Centre
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Montreal, Quebec Canada

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Phone Number: 514-422-5000
Company Contact: Michael M. Green - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.25 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 2

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $101,900.00
Average Reported Losses: $20,380.00

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Delay costs my family over $10,000

My family (15 of us) were traveling together and were on our return trip from Athens, GR to Orlando, FL. The Air Canada Flight was delayed 4 hours due to mechanical problems. We arrived in Toronto on Saturday, August 8, at 16:55. We went to the Connections Agent as we were directed and found one of the rudest most disrespectful Supervisors we encountered. We were told all of our passengers had been rebooked. We were relieved. But, then we found out they had rebooked us randomly on various flights. In one case my 7 year old granddaughter was not booked on the same flight as her mother. We asked the Connections Agent to please reassign her seat. He flatly refused. He said as long as there was any adult with her they would not rebook.

Then we found this had happened with 3 other grandchildren. That’s when we asked to speak to a Supervisor and the Agent said he was the Supervisor. When reviewing the other bookings we found they had one group (including my 7 year old granddaughter) going through Montreal which caused us to have a combined 34 hour layover in the Toronto and Montreal airports. Another group called for a 48 hour layover in the Toronto airport.

We asked the agent for hotel and food vouchers. He said he did not have vouchers because “there were no hotels with vacancies in all of Toronto.” The 2015 Parapan Am Games were there for the weekend, as well as the American Psychiatric Association Convention. He said we would just have to stay at the air port. He said they were out of blankets because there were too many stranded passengers.

By this time it was 20:00. Clearly I could not have 15 people sitting in a chair at the airport all night with ages ranging from 6 to 71. My son started searching for hotels on the internet and I started calling. The only hotel we found with any rooms was The Delta Hotel. This was a beautiful hotel, but clearly above our means. I thank goodness I had enough available credit on my VISA card to pay the $575 room rate for 6 rooms for one night. We had to have 2 taxis going and coming which cost a total of $200.

My son and I were still in the hotel lobby at 2:00 am on Sunday trying to get someone to help us. We went back to the airport at 8:00 am to continue our battle over the rebooking.

We spoke with four very rude agents who said they would not change any flights. The way the tickets were re-booked not only was my 7 year granddaughter not with her mom, my sons three children were on two different flights from their parents. The way it worked out my grandson would be on a flight that left at 20:50 getting into Orlando a day before his parents, and my granddaughters would have to stay in Toronto and arrive a day after their parents.

Out of desperation my son forfeited his Air Canada tickets and purchased 5 new tickets with West Jet.

Eight of us wound up staying another night in Toronto. We simply could not stay another night in The Delta Hotel because of the cost. We then spent the night at the Sheraton Hotel in the airport for another $300 a night, which was also more than we could afford, for 4 rooms.

All in all including hotel rooms, food, taxis, and the West Jet tickets, Air Canada cost my family over $10,000!

Bottom line: Do not fly Air Canada! I didn’t mention that in addition to the above, the more than 10 ½ hour flight from Athens to Toronto had no entertainment. No entertainment at all…no movies, no television, no games, no radio…Nothing! Imagine the children having nothing to do. Air Canada did offer iPads that had downloads selected by Air Canada at a cost of $10 per unit. Very generous of them. The food was horrible and most of had nothing.

Air Canada – 5512 4th St NW Calgary Calgary Canada | 888-247-2262


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Air Canada Vacations ? This is my last vacation with them . I booked a vacation to Varadero for 21-Sep-2017. This is sort of reunion with my classmates from my school years in Russia. Unfortunately , Hurricane Irma struck the island of Cuba on 10-11 of September. Despite the damage done to the facilities and hotels, The Varadero airport was reopened on 12-Sep and the hotels being back operational and receiving guests a few days later. Despite that , Air Canada cancelled its flights , even though Sunwing, Air Transat and multiple international airlines resumed their flights to the airport.… Read more »
Dear Readers, Air Canada has been running at at a loss for decades (perhaps recently a small profit?), yet their top management continue to be paid utterly ridiculous amount of money. How can this upper management demand such huge pay checks, while their paying customers continue to be treated like cattle, by many of the Air Canada Staff. Why, because they know that the Canadian Government will pay their operating debts and bonuses with tax money. How wonderful it is to be continually treated rudely by many of the AC staff, to continually pay AC management to run at a… Read more »

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