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The public has a love-hate relationship with airlines. Airlines offer us the ability to reach our desired destination in a far better timeframe than we would by driving. And few people would tolerate the extended period it would take to cross the ocean by ship. That is why while many people gripe about the frustration of flying they still book their flights when they desire to travel somewhere that takes over several hours drive.

Airlines have tightened many security procedures after the infamous September 11th, 2001 attacks in New York. The need for tightened security was undeniable and many people don’t take issue with the extra security measures. However, some of the body imaging scans that are so intrusive and efficient have lead many to become self-conscious. Even some cases where young children who are too young to understand the significance or necessity of such strict security have received full body pat downs. The image of children terrified over being touched by strangers has done much to cause the public to question whether some measures or going too far. While security is important no one wants to see children terrified and crying because they are being physically touched by a stranger. Children already feel vulnerable and the helplessness of knowing their parents are allowing someone to touch them without their understanding why pulls people to question the airline security morality.

Besides the strictness of airline security airlines have often been the source of frustrations and jokes as well. Many airline jokes revolve around the loss of baggage. For people to question whether or not their luggage is going to end up on the same flight as they are or if the luggage will end up in a completely different city. Lost luggage or luggage that becomes damaged is another common complaint that circles around many airline conversations. Some other complaints that one could have regarding airlines are whether or not the airline is perpetually late. Perhaps in cases where the planes are experiencing malfunctions or “technical difficulties” that cause many delays that an airline may become notorious for. Some delays can include weather delays. This may be outside of the airlines control but some factors such as de-icing a plane too early can cause additional delays if the plane has to once again de-ice for take-off.

Airlines also have caused many to complain about both their raising airfare costs and the limits they put on luggage. The fees associated with luggage have made many extremely frustrated and consider a longer trip by train where although the trip wouldn’t be as short, the passengers wouldn’t be charged so much for luggage. Many view the additional luggage fees as nothing more than the airlines way of making more money simply because they know that the convenience air travel offers will leave people without the option to say no.

Airlines may be convenient but they’re still a business out to make money. And they employ workers to help make the flights more comfortable. Depending on the length of the flight food and beverages are served and a movie is available for watch. The food may not be great and the movie may be awful but it is to help make the flight more comfortable. And hopefully the flight crew is courteous and accommodating. After all, flying isn’t cheap and you deserve to be treated well for what you’re paying no matter where you’re flying.

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