Advertise Your Reputable Business or Company offers a variety of advertising opportunities to fit your needs.

Why Should You Advertise On Complaints List?

1. It’s cheaper than using ad services!
2. You know your reaching a high quality audience.
3. Target Our Users Who Are Specifically Looking For Reputable Businesses.
4. Target Your Direct Audience Using Our Custom Targeting Algorithm.

Complaints List receives thousands of visitors a day who have come to our site to read about companies to watch out for.  This provides a very targeted opportunity for reputable companies and business owners to reach direct consumers looking for your services!

1. Business Owners – If you own a reputable company that does not have any complaints on our site and is in good standing with the BBB you have the opportunity to show your business to users on pages within our site where other companies who have ripped people of or treated them badly are listed.  This type of advertising is very targeted and effective and also gives our visitors a place to go they know they can trust.

2. Reputation Management – If you own a website that deals with reputation management we allow not only advertising directly on our site but also lead generation from people or companies that believe they have been falsely accused of something on the Internet.

3. Lawyers & Law Firms – If you are a lawyer or law firm that deals with consumer protection and/or online defamation or related issues we offer opportunities for users who may want to pursue legal action against claim made about them online.  We have a strict policy against false information being submitted on our site, so if there is than the person who submitted that information is violating our terms of service as well as the law.  While we do provide companies and people resources to resolve false allegations we are do not get involved in law suits but rather suggest they consult a lawyer for more information.

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