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Last Updated On: December 22, 2017

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Business Name: Hydra Fund II
Corporate Address:
360 Pinewood Dr
Longmeadow, Massachusetts 01106 USA

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Phone Number: 888-302-5351
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Average Rating: 1.14 out of 5
Based On: 38 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 50

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $4,392.00
Average Reported Losses: $115.58

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Received a loan, I did not know about from Hydra Fund III for 200.00 back in 2012. I think when I saw this money, I paid them back because I have not received any correspondence from them until now. I can’t look at my bank statements on line because they only show the years 2014 and 2015 now. I would have to order my bank statements from my bank because 2012 is too far back to be on line.

Now they have some lady by the name of Casey Hart calling me, from phone number 866-813-3714 ext. 426, today, 8/17/15, on the phone at my new job, saying she works for an attorney who represents Hydra Funds III and that I owe them $856.00 and I need to get this paid or I will be taken to court for fraud and will be served either at my place of business or home with the court papers today if I do not pay. I told her I did not have the money and she said she would break it up into 3 payments one each of the next 3 months starting when I get paid starting 8/21/15, for $294.00.

There should be a law against this. I did not received any letters at home stating I owed any money and she said they probably emailed me and it went to my spam.

Hydra Fund III – 888-302-5351

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Additional Company Names: Hydra Financial Limited Fund 1 | Hydra Financial Limited Fund IV | Hydra Financial Limited Fund 1 | D and D Marketing | Hydra Fund II Websites: hydrafundii.com | hydrafinanciallimitedfund2.com | hydra-fund-loan.comPhone #'s 888-302-5269 | 888-302-5332Additional Addresses: 1:15503 Ventura Blvd, Suite 300, Encino, CA 91436 | 2: 15943 Harlem Ave, Tinley Park, IL 60477 | 3: 1167 Windmill Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15237


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Hydra Funds for never got a loan from them and they harassing me at my job and a my home about some loan i dont know anything about and never got threatening me . about court

I received a 250.00 pay day loan, and paid them 350.00 I have a email stating case is closed. I began to receive calls about 1 year later I provided to them I paid it in full. Now 2 years later I am receiving calls again. and NOW they are saying the acct does not match, I had 1 loan and that is it. Please help me I need them to STOP harassing me.

Contact the Federal Trade Commision and file a complaint.

Mia R. yes I would be interested in filing a class action lawsuit against these this group they put $150.00 in my account and now said I owes thousand of dollar due to it was in 2012. and I have all the proof bank statement and paper work where it was paid off and now I am getting phone calls threating to being taken to court for criminal charges for a bad check, never wrote a check to this company so I have faxed and sent letters to who every they need to. HELP.

I to am a victim of this company fraud. They say they deposit 200. In my checking account without my permission and knowledge now since 2012 I have supposedly owed them money with each call it is a different amount. I have filed complaints about the company with the ftc. And the attorney general office in my state
And it is against the law for them to threaten you with jail or going to your family or place of employment I also would live nothing more them to see these people in court.

I too am a victim of Hydra financial They deposited $300 into my account without authorization. And now telling me I’m going to be served by the courts. I want to file a class action lawsuit against these people would any of you be interested?

I know it 6 months later, but the same thing just happened to me. I have proof that they company was taking the money back ( since I never authorized ) and I have copies of my bank accounts. I just had to send to a lawyer they sent after me. What a bunch of snakes

These people are scammers, they put money in my account and I never signed anything or requested
anything with these people. My bank account was closed because of a fraud transaction and now these
people got a court order against me and I have to pay $1400.00. They retained an attorney and were
going to have the sheriffs serve me for defrauding them.

So you did have to go to court?

I inquired online about p****y loans & bad credit installment loans myself. Next day there was a deposit of $200.00 from HYDRA FUND III, I never approved nor sign any documentation for this loan. They won’t answer emails, phone calls & have withdrawn 3 payments of $60.00 before I put a stop to it. I have been threatened with arrest warrant from so-called Mike Anderson , attorney general from Texas. I check & their is a Mike Anderson but the phones numbers don’t match & I don’t believe he would call me himself! I owe you $20 & that’s all… Read more »

i totaly agree with you im in the same exact situation they want me to pay them $440 because they said i didnt pay them but i did and now they said its adding up and that i will be surved papers. i payed them there money and extra. i never agreeed to the loan and they put $200 in my account then was taking out $60 every 2 weeks i am very upset i wish they would stop this its causeing sooo much people problems.i want them to leave me alone. but dont know how

i did obtain a loan from hydra financial well i got 200.00 after i got this loan they were taking 30% interest well 60.00 total very 2 weeks so i make a plan i told them to take 50.00 dollars to the principal so i finished paying it in about 2 months people make a plan i know this companies charge a lot of money to give you a loan dont do it if you never going to pay back well i will never do it again good luck to all of you

How did you get a loan recently they wrote an email telling my husband and I they were shut down no more loans were being given. Now they want to pay back a loan by giving my credit card number.

i never knew these individuals placed 300 dollars into my account until i saw it there. Megan at hydra fund corporate office stated that what they do, is take a printed singature from a application site and apply it to their own letterhead loan documents, along with the doctored and fraud based identity theft set up. Then they have a doctored legal loan paper for your bank to see. They want you to not pay, they want you to complain, this buys them more time to rack up more charges. keep a record ofall you do, have a witness listen,… Read more »

I am with you on this

Thank you for looking into this. I will sign your legal petition. They just took $300.00 dollar out of my account.

Hydra fund is not illegal, the bank i go through did an investigation with their fraud department and they found nothing illegal about it.

same thing happened to me. told me that i had to make first payment of $328.00 but they wanted it money gram. when asked if i could do green dot and was told no i should have realized something was up. then when i sent money and kept asking about scam he kept me on the phone to assure me, but he was just doing what he could to get money. come to find out the reason we cant do anything is cause we sent money on his word. we have no paper work. and the reason for no green… Read more »

File a compliant with your state banking regulator and local district attorney office.

hey im down with that, im dealing with this **** now. and illbe damned if they try to say i gotta pay, i got bank statements showing tehre was no deposit but they swearing there is. lol ima shove them papres right up they **** and sue em like ****


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This happened to me to. im a single mother that lost her job, and had to move in with family. I get child support but that’s minimal and when I do Hydra Fund II is right there taking there $90 out. Any help would be great. thanks.

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Funny same happen to me just yesterday–I looked at my bank account and there was a deposit of 200 dollars. I did not authorize the deposit nor did I ever e sign anything. I will call on Monday to try to resolve this matter with them. Though after reading all these comments I don’t think that I will have much success. Companies like these should not be to allowed to exist. I wonder if we all could start a class action suit against these bastards?

I gave this company my information took out a $200 loan and called them 3 days before my payoff day and said I would like to pay it back in full. They take $90 out every 2 weeks if you doon’t call them to pay off the loan or pay down the lown. This $90 is an intrest charge and if ya’ll would read the fine print you’d understand that. This company was nothing but helpful, politely, and timely. I was just greatful they spoke english and I could understand them. They really helped me out and I think people… Read more »

How long have you been employed by them? Really you think it is good practice for a company to just deposit your bank account with a loan that that you never approved of nor signed for—really what a great company!!

satisfied The difference you seem to have not picked up on is the fact that most of these people never requested a loan from this "company" in the first place. With automatically spam’d emails and claims of voicemails that were never received, there is no fine print to read. After money was mystiously disappearing from our account…actually going negative every week….for a month, we had the bank do an investigation. Once we closed the account, we started getting threatening phone calls: lawsuits, collections, wage garnishments, etc. For an UNAUTHORIZED loan of $300, we have now paid 540 for these bi-weekly… Read more »

Same thing happen to today I was called by company saids there based in New York called Boc LLC .they said there trying to serve some papers suing me for $710 ,does any one know if Boc LLC is scamer help.

did they ever come get you ?

I am dealing with the exact same issue, from the deposit to withdraws from my account 2 days in a row in the same week. and now the harassing phone calls about wanting to serve me with court papers. never authorized or e-signed for their money.

In Nov I was looking for loans—–and then one day I looked at my bank statement and theres 300.00 put into my acct. I never authorized this nor did I except any loan agreement. My bank couldnt do anything about it –so after 4 payments at 90.00 each I closed my account. So what are the consequences for not paying??? They got 360.00 from me and thats all theyre getting. Geeze with all these complaints ya think someone would do something about this company…..

you all need to call your local police department to make a froud report. so they will turn it over to attorney general . i just did that also turned over voice mails phone number so good luck to all.

They did the same thing to me. They can’t sue you at all so don’t be afraid to fight it. Go to your bank and report fraud, close the account immediately!!! When the bank sees it in your favor you will get all your money back. Then write Hydra Fund a Cease and Desist letter explaining that they are not legal in your state to practice this type of business, and that you did not sign for a loan therefore you are not liable to pay. With this letter they also can no longer call you. Then you need to… Read more »

The same exact thing happen to me but I contacted my bank and they credited my account back to positive.

HUGE SCAM don’t let them take a penny!!! I closed my account soon after they put an unauthorized $300 in it and wouldn’t take it back. Now they have turned it over to a company called ms firm who say they are trying to locate me to serve me with papers!!!! This company are scam artist too they are saying they are trying to sue me for $710 when they only put $300 in. CRAZY!!!! I never wanted the money I was only researching my options for a loan.

my name is deb they did the same to me i wish the FBI SHUT THEM DOWN

I got a call from 855-209-3891. Saying that they are going to serve me papers. I ask what for they said Hydra had filed a lawsuit. I know p****y loans are illegal here in NJ.

Wow.. I have the same problem going on and Hydra has been taking money out of my account for months now equal to well over the $300 they deposited without my consent. I didnt realize they had even did this because I signed up for deposit online from elsewhere. I need to get these people off my account asap, $90 every two weeks for couple months is really bad for me.

I just got off the phone with a smart mouthed woman who was threatening to take us to court over 200$ that they deposited into our account without our concent. She was talking to me like I was an idiot, explaining and speaking as if I were a child. We put a stop on any ach withdraws from them and now they are accusing us of BANK FRAUD!!!

If you close yur checking account do u still have to pay them back?

They have done the same to me and I am going to my bank and filing a report against them. I will file a law suit against them as well I never signed up for a loan through this company and I have the paper to prove it. You have to do an e-sig and I never did.

Hi Stacey,

What type of paperwork do you have? I want to file a law suit against them as well. I am going through the same thing with identity theft. That is what this is. Thank you.

There doing same thing to me…But putting a law suit to them and you guys should do the same!


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