A Consumer Guide to Elder Abuse

In most cultures, the elderly are respected for living a long life and possessing the wisdom cultivated from that life. Because of this respect, they can be expected to live the last years of their lives in a peaceful existence. Unfortunately, for many older people the remaining years of their lives can be full of abuse, which comes in many different forms.

One of the most disturbing trends that have come about in recent years is the problem of elder abuse. Elder abuse occurs when elderly people become a victim of assault by people they know or are caring for them. Elder abuse comes in many different forms.

Elder abuse can be committed by people in the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse and other forms. The abuse can be perpetrated by friends, family or strangers, both in the home or in the care of a nursing facility. The important thing for people that watch for the elderly is to be alert to any different behavior of the victim. If the person starts to act differently, it may indicate that they are being a victim of elder abuse.

If you know someone that has been a victim of abuse have them file a complaint here.

To help friends and family learn more about the problems associated with elder abuse, we have put together this guide. Please feel free to review this information and to help stop or prevent a loved one from being a victim.

What is Elder Abuse?

Types of Elder Abuse

  • Types of Elder Abuse (PDF) – Article discussion some of the different types of abuse of the elderly in a domestic situation.
  • Types of Abuse – Useful article proving information on seven different types of elder abuse.
  • Elder Abuse/Neglect – Information on the problems associated with elderly people.
  • Elder Abuse Examples – Listing of the various types of abuse that happen to the elderly.
  • Elder Abuse and Neglect – Web site which provides readers with information on the problems of abusing the elderly.

Warning Signs

  • Identifying Elder Abuse – Helpful page with information on how to spot abuse of older people.
  • Signs and Symptoms – Information on what to look for in people being victimized.
  • Warning Signs – Informative page on what people should be looking for to determine if a person is being a victim of elder abuse.
  • Signs and Symptoms – Web site for people looking for information on elderly abuse.
  • Elder Abuse Symptoms – Page with information on how to determine if an elderly person is being victimized.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Abuse – Useful page providing an overview of the problem of abuse of the elderly and what loved ones should look for.

Prevention Tips

General Information

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