7 Ways to Enjoy New Year’s Eve on a Budget

This New Year’s Eve, many Americans will be waiting for the ball to drop in bars, homes, and restaurants all around the country. If you aren’t careful, the expense of celebrating New Year’s Eve can get away from you. Check out these 7 tips to help you enjoy New Year’s Eve – wherever you go and whatever you do – without breaking the bank.

Designated Driver – If you’re going out, expect taxis to be in short supply on New Year’s Eve. Sure, most taxi companies will increase the number of their forces, but the demand is also a lot higher. Save money and skip out on the whole ordeal. Just make sure you have a designated driver who will be sober.

Local Festivities – Times Square in New York isn’t the only place where the public party is happening. Many cities “drop” items in the downtown area. Nashville drops a music note; New Orleans drops a Fleur-de-lis; in Baltimore, a disco ball is dropped. See the full Wikipedia list here. If you’re in Pennsylvania, you’re in luck – you have dozens of options to choose from.

Too Soon to Think About 4th of July? – Not if you want to save money. If you’re going to have a fireworks show, buy fireworks in bulk for New Year’s and Fourth of July.

Take Advantage of Christmas Discounts – Many Christmas decorations use silver, gold, electric blue, and other colors often associated with New Year’s. Even better – they go on clearance between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Pick some up this week for your party.

Encourage BYOB – Most people like to party on New Year’s Eve, but that doesn’t mean you have to supply them all. You can buy a few bottles of champagne, but beyond that encourage your party guests to BYOB.

Opt for Home Fondue Over Dinner – Instead of going out for a fancy meal, stay home and try fondue with friends and family. Even buying a cheap fondue set (that you can get multiple uses out of) is more affordable than going out for a fancy dinner.

Ask About a Prix Fixe Menu – Many upper-tier restaurants will offer fixed menus on New Year’s Eve that can actually be a fairly decent bargain. Of all the suggestions on this list, you’ll end up spending the most this way. However, if there’s a restaurant you particularly love, this route isn’t a bad way to get a full experience!

How will you be saving money this New Year’s Eve? Share your advice in the comments section below!

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