6 Consumer Secrets to Shopping on eBay

Wondering how to get a great deal on eBay? Over the years, eBay and the many sellers who use the site have become increasingly savvy. It’s a lot harder today than it was ten years ago to score a great deal on the online auction website. However, deals are still out there for those who know how to take advantage of them. Here are our six tips for being a smart shopper on eBay.com:

Shop in the middle of the night. While it’s true that most experienced sellers will have their auctions end at a time when more people are likely to bid, this isn’t always the case. Some sellers make the mistake of having an auction end at 4 a.m. Take advantage of these opportunities!

  1. Shop locally on eBay. Many people would never think to look for a desk or bed on eBay because they think eBay items have to be shipped and the shipping would be too expensive. However, eBay does offer “local, pick-up only” listings. Shop for items that you would have to pickup on eBay and you could find some great deals.
  2. Buy wholesale and bulk. If you have the time, money, and desire, buy a larger quantity of whatever you need. You can then sell off the extras piecemeal, recouping some or all of your expenses. You might even turn a profit!
  3. Ask the seller for a deal. Many sellers list and relist their items without ever getting a bite. Just come out and ask the seller for a deal. You might find they’re willing to sell you the item for less than what it’s listing at!
  4. Look at the really bad listings. Some people are bad sellers. They post lousy descriptions of their items, include blurry pictures, and don’t know – or care about – the true market value of their products. These sellers can end up giving you a great deal because most other people aren’t going to take the time to view their listings! Be willing to slog through the listings everyone else will ignore.
  5. Use bad spelling on purpose. Many sellers will misspell their items. The result, of course, is that fewer people see the listing. Try common misspellings of whatever you’re looking for and you may come across a gem (and a not-very-bright seller).

Stay smart and happy shopping! We’ll be back next week with more consumer resources and tips!

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