4 Exercise Tips That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Nothing will suck the wind out of your sails like a high price tag. Have you ever psyched yourself up to start a new exercise routine or program, only to find out that following through would cost you hundreds or thousands a year? The high cost of fitness classes, gym memberships, and specialty exercise equipment can be enough to dissuade most of us from getting the exercise that we need.

Of course, exercise doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. Check out these four exercise tips that can help you slim down and your wallet fatten up.

#1 Take Community Center Classes

Don’t give up on the idea of taking some sort of fitness class. Instead of going to the swanky 24/7 gym and sauna, try your local community center. Many community centers offer classes in yoga, Pilates, self-defense, and other disciplines for just a few dollars. Also, you probably won’t have to commit to a full 8 weeks. Go once or go a hundred times!

#2 Hike Local Trails

Hiking is easily one of the most enjoyable (and cheapest) activities there is. The scenery afforded by the trail certainly beats staring at a treadmill. Also, if you live in a particularly beautiful region of the country, then you might find there are dozens of trails you can hike before you see the same one twice!

#3 Get a Partner & Trade Equipment

Exercising is a lot more fun when you do it with a partner. Also, the thing about partners… they might have some equipment that you don’t have. If you have a bench press in your basement, get together with someone else who has a racquetball membership. Trade your assets, and build up your resources!

#4 Take Classes on YouTube

If you really want to take a class, but don’t have access to a community center (or don’t want to pay), then head over to YouTube, where experts offer free exercise classes in just about every single discipline! We’re big fans of this exercise-at-home method, which allows you to start and stop at your own pace.

Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive. No more excuses!

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