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The incident I am writing about is the major miscommunication xfinity has with their customer service. Every body has different answers. My mishap happened 11/28/2016 @ 10.00 PM. I am late because of medical and car issues. I talked to a customer rep. April Mess until 1:00 AM about post date a check for Dec 3rd when. I get my disability check. She took all my information said she posted it on my account and. My service would not be shut off.

Well here on Dec 11 my cable is shut off. I call the number on my tv 1-800-XFINITY and was told my payment was never received that is why it was shut off. No emails about no letter in mail just boom out.

Now I have spent most of my day trying to get it right. I had to call my Bank to verify that my money was not taken out. I am still waiting to talk to someone since 10:20 and it is 12:00 pm now. I am trying to make payment that I was told would be taken out.

I am a disabled women I really do not need this on my body to stress me out. I am sick over this and other issues with xfinity. I will be forwarding this letter to CEO Mr. Brian L Roberts so he can know the major problems I have and continue to have with his company.

I would love to cancel but my apartment has a contract with xfinity so I am stuck. Please get people with common sense to work for xfinity. I am also requesting that I be compensated for my major problems by crediting me a whole month payment. This is putting a strain on my physical and mental health.

Please if I feel my matter is not being taken seriously I will have no choice but to contact a lawyer for discrimination against me for being a born American citizen who now has to fight with all I have to get the process of elements to go as they should. I hope I will be hearing from someone who represents Xfinity real soon.

Sincerely, Me.

For Xfinity Comcast Representatives or Owners

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