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I have been a customer for over 30+ years. This last year including today, I will no longer waste my $ on her food.

Last week it was a Meat Loaf / Mashed potatoes with no sauce on the meat that was dried out.Tonight Chicken Pot Pie. The meat of the chicken was suppose to be white meat, it was so grisly and no sauce in the pot pie. The vegetables were dried out.

During a funeral in November, I bought 5 frozen pies. The pies looked like they had been in a foose ball championship. The crusts were all broken up, the Coconut Crème pie, only had crème on 1/2 of the pie.

The pumpkin pie had no taste at all just big clumps pf pumpkin not mixed/ blended up.

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I have been eating Marie Calanders TV dinners for years, and my favorate was the pork chop with baked apples. They used to come with the gravy in a separate package, which was great. They then started mixing in the gravy, not good. But now even worse, you can’t find the pork chop dinner anywhere anymore. Why? What happened?


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